Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Nike.
Visible pulse with glass of water. The glass of water is placed over her visible pulse where it rocks back and forth with each heart beat. The steth is moved to all major auscultation sites and records pristine audio. She falls asleep, her breathing changes and hb is a bit erratic.
Super heart torture breath hold workout. She works out and during rest holds her breath for as long as she can more than once. Later she holds her breath while working out and after. Her heart goes crazy from the extreme stress, throwing PVC`s and she gets audible systolic clicks.
Underwater face up sexy time in tub 2. She’s face up in the tub again holding her breath for as long as she can. She’s smiling with her eyes and mouth open most of the time. Sensual movements and long contractions. She seems to be in Heaven at times.