Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Nike.
Breath hold doggie style cam a. She holds it for as long as she can while up on her hands and knees. She gets good contractions and awesome audio from the Littmann. Her heart throws a fit during each hold with too much going on to list it all here. See cam b for more details.
Breath hold doggie style cam b. Same as cam a except for the front, lower angle which is the perfect compliment to cam a. I recommend both. Nike’s heart gives one of its best performances ever. If you’re an S2 split fan, PVC lover or just into erratic heart beats, you need to own this video.
Workout lay on side heart fun. She works out while oiled up and looks sexy as hell. There is a lot of awesome bouncing going on and when she’s done she lies on her side and her heart reacts wonderfully. She does some breath play which yields some amazing results.
Underwater in black one piece. She’s wearing a one piece suit as she performs underwater like a seasoned mermaid. Nice breath holds and amazing beauty.