Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
Smoking custom with heart beat. She smokes a cigarette and slowly blows the smoke out in a variety of ways. Her heart beat is elevated the whole time but goes up and down a bit from the smoke. She tilts her head back in a way nobody else has before.
Bike workout with no rest. She rides the bike to get her heart rate up while recording her heart beat. She increases brings the intensity up and down a few times and doesn’t rest until the end. Nice fast pulse and perfect heart beat.
Good belly noises. She’s getting a nice consistent variety of noises and there are a few different camera angles.
Underwater sexyness in black bikini. She sensually moves around swaying her hair and showing off her body while doing really nice breath holds. She gets some great contractions and you can hear the moaning sounds in her throat. Very sexy stuff.