I’ve released the 1st 3 prints for sale. They are 20″x30″ very near life size, professionally printed and the cost is $80 each including shipping for USA customers. There are two images with stethoscopes and one full breath in holding image, all featuring Valkyrie.
The pro lab will be shipping the print directly to your door so you must provide accurate shipping address at the time of order. Expect your print to be delivered in about 1 week.
If these sell well, the next batch will be of even higher quality from a better camera set up.
We’ll have more breath hold ins, Stomach vacuums with extreme cave in, Steth on stomach for belly noise fans, more general sexy steth images and hopefully some underwater prints. Click the (Prints for sale) button in the menu to purchase.


Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
Swimming underwater with mask and fins. She has a blast, swimming around with the mask and fins. She does the fins together, mermaid swim, spins around and more.
Breath hold with belt restrictions cam a. She does 3 very impressive breath holds while the belt restricts her waist as tight as we could get it. 1st bhold is 3 minutes and the last is very close to 4 minutes. Nice contractions and perfect heart beat.
Breath hold with belt restrictions cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Good belly noises close up. She’s getting nice hunger growls and general belly noises here. Occasional super loud noises. Cam is zoomed in on her stomach.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Nike.
Breath hold workout with ECG and PVC’s. Another torturous workout for Nike as she does lunges while holding her breath. The ECG and Littmann record her heart beat. She puts her body through hell trying to see how her heart reacts and gets major skips (PVC’s) as a result. Awesome.
More great belly noises. This was shot right after her last belly noise video. It’s still going strong with a variety of noises and hunger growls.
Ultrasound of fast heart with 2nd probe. The higher frequency transducer probes her heart immediately after she exercises. Very sweet results including bouts of sinus arrhythmia (sporadic, irregular beats) and long runs of tachycardia (non-induced elevated heart rate).

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Breath hold experiment with o2 cam a. She had chest pains and a major headache during this video so we experimented with ways to make it hurt less. She did a great job regardless, getting nice wide splits on S2 throughout the video and hard contractions. Perfect hb audio from the Littmann.
Breath hold experiment with o2 cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Nice visible pulse on neck and whole left breast dips down with each heart beat on S1.
Incredible neck pulse while oiled 2 angles. Wow her neck pulse is just crazy good here. Oil is applied to her neck, lighting is perfect, head is tilted back over a pillow to stretch out her neck. Both cams capture extreme artery movement. Angles change numerous times.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Mari Mai.
Bike workout ECG with breath play. She rides the bike to get her her pulse racing then stops to rest. Then she does some pushes and no air outs. Her seductive gaze is mesmerizing. ECG and steth record perfect heart beat.
Self ultrasound fun. She controls the ultrasound transducer while exploring her heart and watching it on the monitor. She gets pretty good results and mitral valve is clearly visible with each beat. Steth captures audio over apex and then pulmonary.

A word about our 1st super awesome underwater video. The color changes a couple of times because clouds kept blocking the sun. The camera’s color balance is locked down like usual. So it looks great when the sun is out and a little greener when behind clouds. We’re shooting in the shade. Victoria’s breath hold video is 100% real with no camera or editing trickery. You can tell by watching bubbles and stuff floating in the water.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Victoria.
Breath hold records underwater. 1st she beats her old time of 4:37 with a new time of 5:15 then she beats that with a time of 6:08. Her eyes are open and she’s moving slowly the whole time.
Bike ECG outs heart experiment. She rides the bike to get her heart rate up while the ECG and steth record her heart. Then she stops and blows all of the air out as hard as she can to see what happens with her heart. Incredible hb audio and she gets her first PVC’s at approx 8-1/2 mins.
Blood pressure experiment. She has her BP checked while resting, sitting, standing, after exercise and during a breath hold.  At the end she does a few outs. Really nice heart beat audio. Her BP is amazingly consistent until the breath play.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Sexy POV heart beat. She dances, hula hoops and strips for you, then comes closer so you can steth her heart in various places. Awesome stuff.
Really good neck pulse. Her head is hanging over the edge of the couch, stretching out her neck. The arteries dance in the light, creating one of the best neck pulse videos ever. You can see the pulse in so many places.

Updated 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
General heart checkup. After a brief interview the Dr. listens to her heart at major auscultation sites, feels her pulse and uses the ultrasound on her heart. Auscultation takes place while sitting up and reclined.
Awesome breath holds with ECG cam a. She gets her best contractions so far, they last a nice long time and she squirms around trying to go every last second. 1st hold is over 3 minutes and they keep getting longer from there.
Awesome breath holds with ECG cam b. You can see a nice visible pulse under the center ECG lead.
Underwater tease small blue bikini. She’s completely at ease and beyond sexy as she feels up her body and pulls her bottoms down showing off her lower abs and hips. Good breath hold times with some contractions. Includes 2 free minutes of her practicing.

Dear Underwater fans. Set aside some money. You’re going to see things you never thought possible over the next month. I guarantee you’ve never seen it before. It’s already been filmed and it’s beyond awesome. Put some money aside. 🙂

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Mari Mai.
Underwater black outfit and mask. She starts out in her black outfit before eventually stripping it off. Later she wears the face mask which makes her lips and eyes look awesome. Long breath holds from the oxygen can.
Pushing attempt at arrhythmia cam a. She pushes hard and blows all air out immediately after with no breath between. I ask her to push even harder after 1st attempt and you can see her whole chest turn splotchy red under the pressure. Her face is priceless. Great heart beat audio.
Pushing attempt at arrhythmia cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She starts lying on her back then sits up.
Ultrasound of fast heart. She exercises before the ultrasound probes her valves and chambers. Great images of valves snapping open and closed. Perfect heart beat audio from the Littmann.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Nike.
No air outs with ECG perfect HB cam a. She blows every ounce of air out of her lungs and goes for as long as she can while the ECG and Littmann record her heart. Amazing hb audio and ECG works flawlessly. Steth records over pulmonary and she gets awesome results on each try.
No air outs with ECG perfect HB cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She works hard so there’s a lot going on with her heart in this session. Her heart skips, gets excellent blood ejection sounds on no air outs and fixed splits on S2 near the end from being exhausted. Great video.
Great hunger growls. Her stomach is constant and loud with hunger growls.
Singing and bubbles underwater. She has fun blowing bubbles, singing and talking underwater until she’s out of air. She does this in a few positions nobody else has tried like while lying on the bottom.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Victoria.
Breath play ECG during bike workout. The ECG and steth record her heart while she rides the bike. When she stops to rest she does some nice breath play, mostly outs. Awesome results from perfect audio.
Great belly noises while hungry. She didn’t eat anything all day and then just before this is filmed she had a single fig which is about the size of a prune. Her stomach is growling constantly from beginning to end.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
3 super long breath holds cam a. She does three breath holds from the oxygen can and gets times of 4min, 4:42 and 4:24. Awesome heart beat and long contractions.
3 super long breath holds cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
Pristine ultrasound during breath play. After a little fiddling with controls before the video starts, I get extremely clear images of her heart. She then starts holding with no air in her lungs. Super clear valves under stress. One of the best ult vids ever.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Flora.
Super sexy underwater shoe time. She wears the magical shoes while interacting with the chair. She spends equal time showing off her backside. Her ass is off the charts in this video. Nice breath hold times, beautiful, relaxed face.
1 minute breath hold game cam a. She struggles a bit in the middle but regains her composure and makes it a full 10 minutes fairly easily. She takes a single breath every minute, on the minute. Heart beat is recorded with Littmann.
1 minute breath hold game cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle.
1st bike workout with PVC’s. She rides the bike at a normal pace while the Littmann records her heart beat. She stops a couple of times to rest. Rate goes from slow to fast numerous times and at one point her heart gives in to the stress and throws several PVC’s – her first recorded skips.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Mari Mai.
Underwater long breath holds. She uses the oxygen for the 1st time underwater and does numerous breath holds between 2-3 minutes and one that is 3:15. Long contractions, beautiful movements, stripping and sexy outfit changes.
Breath holds on oxygen cam a. She uses the oxygen can for the 1st time. Longest breath hold is 5:26. Her heart sounds unique in this video especially as she starts to run out of air. Perfect heart beat audio from the Littmann.
Breath holds on oxygen cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. Special note: An awesome blood ejection murmur can be heard between S1 and S2 during her 2nd and 3rd attempts.
POV heart beat workout. Your girlfriend bought a sexy bikini with medical crosses on it. She talks to you before starting her workout, then comes up close to get stethed. She feels her own pulse and palpates her chest. Awesome in every way. Unique super wide angle.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Nike.
Awesome steth swap exercising. She exercises while topless then stops to record her heart with one Littmann steth. After a short time she swaps to the other Littmann at the same auscultation site. She tries different sites and gets interesting results. Hard skip at 2:05 and some erratic beats too.
Very sexy underwater, long contractions. Not sure what it is but she’s looking extra hot underwater. Her makeup and hair and facial expressions make for some truly hot scenes. She also gets her usual long contractions where you can hear her throat sounds.
No air ultrasound. In the beginning I locate the best spots for the clearest image. At one point, her heart rate spikes from 80 to 104 bpm for no apparent reason. Later she blows all of her air out while the transducer shows some of the best images ever seen of lower valves.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Aurora.
Visible pulse in abs. Wow she looks so gorgeous at the beginning of this video as she stares directly at you with her big green eyes. The pulse in her abs is recorded from a few different distances. She stops breathing occasionally. Perfect heart beat from the Littmann.
Bouncy hot workout. She jumps around in a playful manner, facing forward and backward so you can see both sides of her awesome body. When she stops to record her heart it’s racing nice and fast, well into the 170’s for her second and third go. Awesome hb audio.