The following sites will be closing in the next 24 hours. This is your last chance to buy videos from these sites.
Siv – Alex – Heidi – Kali – Nova

Dear stomach sound guy who writes me every week promising to pay 1 million dollars for a video of the girls after they’ve starved themselves for 48 hours. STOP EMAILING ME!.
I don’t have time to read fake custom video requests. I can’t write you back because you use a fake email address. If you really want to see a video like this make a real offer and use a real email address.

Interesting note about Valkyrie’s dedication to her site. She is the hardest working person I’ve ever met, usually working 2-3 shoots a day, 6-7 days a week. Yesterday she had 3 shoots before we started shooting at 11PM. We shot the neck pulse video at about 2AM and a yet to be released pool video at 2:30AM. I told her if she starts choking to death on water, to do it quietly Haha. She was very sad that she couldn’t do her customary cannonball into the pool.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Belly noises on the exam table. She’s getting pretty good noises here.
Glitter face neck pulse. She did some cool glitter makeup to her beautiful face. She lays down and gets a great throbbing, rippling neck pulse. Her heart skips a few beats too. Awesome hb audio. Her eyes look amazing when she looks directly at you.
Breath control in bath tub. She breathes through a straw until you stick your thumb over the end. She’s under for a solid 10 minutes straight with no cuts. Straw gets blocked with no air in lungs to full lungs of air and everywhere in between. At end you push too long and she’s forced to come up.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jade.
Belly noises. Sometimes it’s loud and active other times a bit more quiet.
Workout with heart beat. She works her lower body while recording her heart beat with the Littmann Master Cardiology.
Underwater posing. She poses and moves around underwater. Nice breath holds, smooth movements and very comfortable.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Victoria.
Double steth great belly noises. She records some great belly growls with the double steth technique.
Breath holding sitting up ECG. Added stress of sitting up makes for some great heart audio from the Littmann Master Cardiology. ECG records at the same time. She takes really deep breaths on the holds and gets some good pounding and a visible pulse around mid-sternum.
Ummm Wow Underwater. I don’t think anyone could possibly move more seductively and sensual underwater. She just nails it in this video. Long breath holds and a true mastery of underwater seduction. Valkyrie has some serious competition here.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Nike.
Double steth belly sounds no pressure. She gets some great growls and other noises while both Littmann steths record. She doesn’t touch them or hold them down which makes for a different sound.
Listening to own heart with Littmann. She works her legs then stops to rest and listens to her heart beat with the Littmann Master Cardiology. Great audio.

Today I figured out how to make the thumbnail images from the new .mp4 videos look the same as the videos they represent, rather than squished. The .mp4 videos always displayed correctly and now the thumbnails do as well. I’m not going to fix the old thumbnails. Some yet to be released videos will have the squished thumbnails but rest assured the video is perfect.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Visible chest pulse. During an ultrasound video I noticed a very visible pulse under her breast where the gel and transducer were earlier. It’s a really fantastic ripple. Filmed from a few different angles. Heart beat from the Littmann Master.
Ultrasound while smoking. This is a very interesting video. Dr. Ultrasounds her chest and discovers a slightly irregular beat. Next Valkyrie smokes while ultrasound shows effect on her heart. Very clear images of chambers and valves along with great heart audio from Littmann.
Underwater sexy moves. She looks incredibly sensual and comfortable but the truth is she’s dying for air. For some reason she starts getting contractions early and has to really fight to stay under.

Today marks the 1st day that all of the new equipment is in use. It’s going to take me a few shoots to get everything set up perfectly but things are already sounding pretty awesome. The new underwater microphone worked very well today. It just barely floats so I have to weigh it down for the next shoot tomorrow. It captures every tiny underwater sound without the annoying camera noises and bubbles that escape the housing every time it goes underwater. In Jades unerwater videos you can even hear the birds chirping outside of the pool.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jade.
Cardio heart beat. She jogs, kicks and does jumping jacks and then stops to record her rapid heart beat. She places the steth first over her apex area, then Erb’s point and finally pulmonary. Fantastic audio from the new equipment.
Breath holding with belt restriction. She does three nice breath holds while the belt restricts her waist as tightly as we could make it. This forces her ribs out more. She gets contractions and does some of her best fighting to keep the air in. Nice heart beat audio from new equipment.
Underwater singing and bubbles new mic. She sings, blows bubbles, laughs and screams underwater while the new underwater microphone captures it all in great clarity. You can hear her take her last breath, rub against the bottom, and of course every bubble and sound she makes.

I want to reiterate how many videos will be gone before the week is over. Hundreds of videos will be deleted, mostly from goddesses who are still actively shooting. Aurora, Jade, Mari Mai, Nike, Valkyrie, Victoria, Zoe.

Uploaded 1 new video to India’s Realm.
Smoking custom with heart beat. While shooting this I wondered what her timeless beauty would look like in Black and White. I really like the look of this video. Amazing smoke control, her lips look incredible. Heart beat is all over the place, fast, slow quick changes.

Tomorrow May 23rd is Harmonia’s Birthday. We celebrated today. After eating at one of her favorite restaurants I took her horseback riding near Red Rock canyon. Here are a few pictures of her and her horse. Sorry they are all from a cell phone.  Continue reading

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Victoria.
Swimming and posing with the mask. Again she swims and poses like a mermaid with graceful movements. Nice close ups of her face in the mask.
30 minute workout heart beat. She rides the bike at various speeds for over 25 minutes straight and rests for the last few minutes. Littmann Master cardiology records perfect heart beat.
Multiple visible pulses. A great pulse is recorded in her pelvic area and her abdominal area.  Nice rippling across a large area. Perfect heart beat audio from the Littmann Master.