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Belly noises with sexy stockings. She listens to her belly noises while wearing very sexy stockings. Her belly isn’t going crazy with noises but she does get some very loud outbursts.

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Sexy smoking with heart beat. This was a custom video. It keeps getting better as we figure out how to shoot it. She sensually smokes while heart beat is recorded. Multiple cam angles including super close up near end. Really fantastic for those who like smoking videos.
Vacuum play while oiled. She really loves how her body looks during vacuums so she oils up and goes at it. She constantly watches the camera monitor checking to see how each turn and angle looks. Even her breathing between vacuums is sensual. Heart beat recorded with the Littmann.
Underwater birthday suit. Since this was filmed on her birthday it only makes sense for her to be in her birthday suit. Sensual mermaid moves and underwater contractions. Extremely sexy and artistic as always.