Lots of stuff to talk about today.
1st it was Valkyrie’s 27th Birthday and she chose to spend it shooting videos for all of you since the pool is finally open. I surprised her with b-day decorations, her favorite snacks, a birthday hat, some funny talking cards and gluten free cupcakes and deserts. She has a gluten allergy. I recorded most of this and will be editing it for upload tonight so it’s like you were there. Thanks to everyone who sent Valkyrie a Happy Birthday message. She got to see all of them while she was here.
Now to Valkyries breath hold video. There are a few people who have a coronary every time they see a guys hands in the video. Like I physically assaulted their well being. Unfortunately these videos are some of our best sellers so don’t write me your nasty hate letters. They’re not going away. Just don’t buy them or even look at the samples if you don’t like it.
Valkyrie did a smoking custom video just before these breath holds. During her 1st breath hold she gets really dizzy and has to stop about the time her contractions start. At this same time her heart seems to stop for a sec then continue beating at half the speed it was. The contractions on the 2nd breath hold last forever. She really enjoyed having someone feeling her up, especially during the vacuums. She is watching it all on a large monitor attached to the main camera. There are many things that make this one of our best videos.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Belly slosh fun. Using the regular voice mic she records the very loud sloshing sounds she can make her stomach do. She is extremely amused with some of the sounds and goes into fits of laughter. Her abs look incredible and the control she has over them is equally amazing.
Breath hold and vacuums while you feel. Your touch causes her heart to beat much faster than usual. On 1st one there is an instant slow down to about half speed and she almost passes out. When breath hold is over she doesn’t want you to take hand off so she does incredible vacuums and moans at your touch.
Underwater with new mask and fins. She swims around with the new mask and fins. The mask provides a large clear view of her face. Since it’s her birthday she’s in her birthday suit. Near end we get closeups of her face and longer breath holds with contractions.