A note about Zoe’s video update below.
Wow Zoe just knocked it out of the park today, not only creating some of her best videos so far but some of the best videos we’ve ever created. On top of that I’ve made a few more sound recording breakthroughs which are too complicated to explain here but rest assured the audio from Zoe’s videos is about the best we’ve ever recorded. Zoe really did enjoy the breath control video and another video which will be released on her next update. Show Zoe some love by buying her videos.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Zoe.
Breath control heart beat. She asks you, her boyfriend to control when she can breath. She gets tricked many times, into thinking that she’s about to breath. Fantastic heart beat audio. She really loves having her breath controlled. Over 10 minutes with no cuts.
POV sexy workout. She playfully bounces around for your amusement showing off her body at every opportunity, then she steths herself with fantastic results. She’s very funny, sexy and natural.
Bike workout with incredible audio. She works out at a hard resistance to really get her heart pounding. The heart audio is some of the best we’ve ever recorded.