Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Jade.
No air stomach vacuums heart beat. She blows the air out of her lungs and sucks in for as long as she can while her heart beat is recorded with the Littmann. Great audio of her large heart with a big change in tone going from Erb’s point to pulmonary.
Auscultation of fast heart. She exercises before lying on the floor. You concentrate stething her over various auscultation sites. Great audio and her heart gets a different sound with each site. She maintains eye contact most of the time and looks hot in this video.
Fast heart beat from bike workout. She rides the bike at a hard resistance to get her pulse rate up. Once she feels it’s going good she stops to rest. Nice fast heart rate and this is the first time we’ve captured her heart pounding this hard. Great audio from the Littmann steth.
Ultrasound during breath holds. Her heart is fairly easy to ultrasound during breath holds. She starts out with full breath holds and later does 1/4 breath holds. Oustanding images of her tricuspid and mitral valves in action. You can clearly see the beats as they happen in real time.