Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Jade.
Visible pulse in abdomen. Nice visible pulse across her stomach along with perfect heart beat audio from the Littmann.
Underwater breath holding in the tub. She’s able to hold her breath just as long underwater as out of the water. She gets some contractions before coming up. She’s getting close to the 2 minute range. She also talks a bit and answers a couple of quick questions.
Nice belly noises. She was starving all day but her stomach wasn’t making enough noise so we finished the shoot with the tub video. While underwater her stomach was growling like crazy so we went back and recorded these great noises.
General ultrasound of her large heart. Two interesting points about her ultrasound. 1st it’s a bit difficult to get a clear image because her lungs are in the way hence the supine position. 2nd her heart seems abnormally large on the lower portion. I had to zoom the ultrasound image out two clicks further than usual to get her heart to fit on the screen.