Happy Easter

Valkyrie tried meditating before her 1st breath hold today without any other prep. The breath hold was not long but she did get over 40 seconds of great contractions and awesome heart beat audio from the steth. Normally we would have added this to the other breath holds she did which were all over 3 minutes but Valkyrie really wanted to give the video away to her fans to show how much she appreciates you all. I made these files full HD 1920×1080 super high quality. So enjoy your Easter present from Valkyrie.
Just click the links below to download the videos to your computer. If too many people try to download at once things may be slow. Come back later and try again.
Full breath hold cam a.
Full breath hold cam b.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
Long Breath holding cam b. Same as cam a except for the angle. At the end of these she just can’t resist gyrating around erotically for your enjoyment.
Long Breath holding cam a. She does 3 really nice long breath holds. All over 3 minutes with one over 3:30. Great contractions and nice light. Also perfect heart beat from Littmann.
Breath hold workout stress. She holds her breath while doing a workout. When she can’t holds it any more she takes a few breaths then continues. Really awesome heart beat audio and you can hear regular audio as if you were in the room.
Visible pulse stretched out. The heart audio is beyond incredible. Really nice visible pulse in her abs. Shot from a few angles. She went to a happy place and starts to nod off a couple times.