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Breath hold stressing heart cam a. She begins by pushing or squeezing down her ribs as hard as she can while also flexing most of the muscles in her body. Her head turns purple and she almost passes out. Next she does a slight variation. Then butt lifts during BH, then sucking it in with full lungs.
Breath hold stressing heart cam b. All of these breath holds were really difficult and put extra stress on her heart. She still manages very long times on the last couple. Heart beat is recorded on both cams. Super low oxygen in the 40’s.
Belly noises. She was starving and this was filmed just before we stopped filming to eat something. She mentions her belly a few times and talks about what she hears. You can hear her talking clearly over the belly noises. She also plays with her belly button a bit.
Floating above like a sexy angel.¬†One of the sexiest and most artistic videos we’ve ever created. Colors and lighting compliment her perfect 10 body and sensual moves. Her hair magically floats around her and her makeup is awesome. Long breath holds.¬†Super high bitrate = higher quality.