Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Mari Mai.
Workout constant HB with Valkyrie. While one of them is working out the other is resting and recording her heart beat with the steth. Each time they switch places you hear fast heart beat.
Super vacuums new positions. She is the best we’ve ever had at stomach vacuums and these new positions are really awesome. Sometimes a close up of her caved in stomach is alongside of the full body shot.
Heart palpation and audio POV. You palpate her chest with your hand while recording perfect heart beat audio. She caresses your hand and enjoys your touch. You can feel her heart pounding under your palm and fingers.
Underwater in mesh top. She wears cool see thru clothes while performing underwater. She just keeps getting better underwater. Her hair flows behind her and her face looks amazing. She gets underwater contractions.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie.
CPR breaths from Kali cam a. Same quality as usual. Perfect breaths with puffed cheeks. Clear breath audio. The camera zooms in for a closer look. Great closup of their faces and a nice pan of Valkyries body.
CPR breaths from Kali cam b. This angle shows Kali better as she blows into Valkyrie. Audio is the same.
Visible pulse, chest, neck. You can see her pulse between her ribs as she breathes. She starts out at rest and later does a bit of exercise to increase her pulse rate. Neck pulse is also included. Perfect heart audio the whole time.