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Just breathing and packing a. She takes the deepest breath she can then blows it all out. Sometimes she holds her breath for a short time then tries to pack more air in. She keeps doing that until she can’t squeeze any more in. Heart beat recorded with the steth.
Just breathing and packing b. Same as cam a except for the angle. At the end she waits longer while holding her breath so her ribs have more time to expand before she squeezes the next gulp of air in.
Masturbation while holding her breath a. Her 1st self love video is a thing of beauty, this video is even more amazing. Holding her breath causes the orgasm at the end to be more intense. Her whole body quivers for a very long time.
Masturbation while holding her breath b. While her body quivers and shakes she also can’t help but thrust her pelvis. The sounds of her pleasure are even better this time around.