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ECG bike workout non stop. She rides the bike non stop, varying her speed and resistance to change her pulse from fast to really fast. The Stethoscope records her heart beat. She rests at the end until her pulse is almost normal.
Great neck pulse with heart beat. The pulse in her neck is very strong and easily seen from multiple angles. Veins throb and her neck ripples from the arteries underneath. Perfect steth heart beat audio.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine-Harmonia.
Breathing while you feel and belt a. She takes the deepest breath she can pack into her lungs and then blows all of it out. You feel her ribs expand and her abdomen inflate until it’s tight as a drum. Later the belt squeezes her extremely tightly while she continues to breathe and you feel.
Breathing while you feel and belt b. Same as cam a except for the angle. In the beginning you hear her breathing with no heart beat. Then heart beat is added. Sometimes she stretches out and packs air into her lungs while holding her breath like a free diver.