Dear Belly noise fans we’re on the verge of stopping production of all belly noise videos because people keep sharing and uploading videos. If I see any more sharing or uploading we will stop producing the videos. This is not a joke or idle threat. When I read the comments on these uploaded videos all I see is other belly noise fans asking for specific videos to be uploaded next.
To the 98% of our belly noise fans who don’t upload and share our videos… If you see one of our videos uploaded anywhere, Let them know what ass holes they are for being the sole cause of no more new belly noise videos and more important send me the link immediately so I can have the video taken down.

Today Pixie and Phyra both asked if there are any custom videos for them so let us know if you have a custom video idea.

If you requested a video from Danny Cee in the past month please send in the request again. She’s coming back shortly after thanksgiving. Thanks.

Pixie will be here shooting on Saturday and she said she wants to make 5 really good videos that are going to sell well. She doesn’t care how hard they are. So if anyone has a custom video request for her let us know.
Madison and April are also available for customs.

It was Pixie’s birthday this week YAY!  but she’s had some rough times financially and is praying for some new custom video work. She needs it reaaaaaaaaal bad and ASAP!
She works very hard on these videos and never complains so help her out if you can.
Please send in your requests along with how much you will pay for it.

Pixie Lux and Selene have shot a fair number of customs over the past month and they love it since they get paid for the custom on the day they shoot it. If you have a custom video idea Please let us know how much you’re willing to pay for it. Pixie and Lux are extremely broke right now and really appreciate the extra income.
Usually you will have the finished custom video within 48 hours of paying for it.

You may have noticed the number of videos released has gone down recently. That’s because my father has been in and out of the hospital with serious medical issues. Then My fathers younger brother (my uncle) died a few days ago after a 4 year battle with cancer.
Please take this time to check out our older videos and grab some of them for your collection. There are thousands to choose from.

The Selene videos uploaded last night have no audio. I temporarily made the videos inactive on her site as the fixed videos are uploaded. If you have bought one of these videos please try to download again in a couple of hours when you see them back on her site.

After announcing new videos on Pixies site last night I forgot to activate them. They are active now.

The girls and I wish our customers and friends happy holidays and we thank you for your loyal support over the years.