If you miss the good old days check this deal out.
I found the raw camera footage from many of our best videos ever, circa 2009-2011 on old hard drives and I’ve remastered them in super high quality HD with improved audio.
When we started the sites we were getting charged for every megabyte of space we took up on the servers so I had to keep the file size down with high compression and smallish resolution of 720×406 pixels. This was especially horrible whenever there was a lot of movement like in a bath tub video. Now you won’t see any compression artifacts in underwater scenes. At the time we were recording heart beat audio directly into the camera rather than using a professional audio recorder like we do today. The camera method produced audio that was too loud and clipping. I was able to fix that when editing these new improved versions. The only problem with high quality is the files are so big that I can’t sell them the traditional way over the internet. I’m going to group them together in packages and sell them the old fashioned way by mailing each buyer a memory card with the files on it. The first package consists of super sexy fetish goddess models Kayla, her friend Sarah and Summer. You get every breath holding and underwater video Kayla and Sarah ever made and most of the videos from Summer for $220. That’s $200 for the videos and $20 for the memory card and shipping. Since these videos were edited all over as if they were new, I included new content never seen before. If interested in this phenomenal deal, email me and we will work out payment and shipping.  I may offer more deals like this with different models in the future.
I’m only offering this deal to the first 5 people. 2 people have already placed their orders which leaves 3 spots left.

I’ve wanted to incorporate 3D VR into our sites somehow and with the new Lenovo Mirage Camera I think it’s time. I’ve been watching 3D VR videos since the PS4 Pro VR system and the Samsung galaxy gear came out. When done right the videos are absolutely freaking amazing. It’s like you are really there. I’ve watched a video where a smoking hot model in a bikini was leaning in so close to the camera that I smelled her breath for a second before remembering I was watching a video. You can pause these videos at your favorite part and perv out for as long as you want. I plan on selling 3D vr 180 videos on our sites and making some free videos available on youtube. 180 is way better than 360 because the resolution is much higher so everything is clearer. 360 is very hard to watch if you’re sitting down because you have to keep looking backwards and all over. With 180 degree video you see everything in front of you, directly to each side and straight up and down. This Lenovo camera is so new that it’s not even out yet for the general public but it’s coming very soon. I’ve seen sample videos from the camera on youtube VR via the PlayStation VR headset and the quality is the best I’ve seen anywhere. You will be able to view the videos on any VR device, even the very cheap google cardboard. The only problem is I can’t afford the $300 price tag so I’m looking for a donation or donations so we can get this thing. It will cost about $350 for the camera, shipping and a large memory card. It takes micro SD and all of the cards I own are regular SD. If you can help pay for this or pay outright for it message me. 3D VR videos will change your life.

You can also buy the camera from my Amazon wish list and it will be sent directly to me. If anyone does by the camera I will take this post down.

Divine Lux is looking for custom videos again and will be here shooting on Wednesday so get your paid requests in before then. She moved recently and is drowning in bills.

Today we’re re opening the Divine Iris site. I’ve had numerous requests to buy her old videos over the past month or two and she coincidentally contacted me and asked for her site to be re opened so here we are. In the future we will be releasing new videos of Iris.

Well it’s time to beg for donations. Our vital signs machine – Patient monitor is not working very well. I can’t use the ECG function at all and the whole machine is having problems. I want to buy a used machine from a name brand like Phillips, GE or Welch Allen that was actually in a hospital but I can’t afford it. About $1100. I don’t want a cheap new machine from China. I also have more models than I can afford to pay at the moment. New models are referring their friends and those girls are referring their friends… If you can help please go to the Donations page for instructions on how to send money.

It’s been a while since we’ve had any new models. Well that’s about to change. New faces are coming along with the new year!

Divine Lux is looking to shoot some custom videos ASAP. She needs to make about $400 before the 1st of the month. Remember she doesn’t do nudity or adult. Please send any other requests in and we’ll get back to you soon. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.

When contacting us make sure you’re using a valid email. I try to respond to requests sometimes and the email comes back to me as (email address not found). We can never do your request if I can’t contact you.

Trilogy is here for the next few days if anyone has a custom paid request for her to film while she’s in town.

Reminder to send in custom video requests. We’ve made quite a few custom videos for customers in the past couple of months.
Models who are currently available for customs.
Harmonia, Bast, Phyra and Danny Cee.
Next month Trilogy and Victoria will also be available.
The minimum for a custom is $100 USD. But the actual price depends on how difficult it is for us to make. Some customs can cost $400 to $700. Send us your idea along with how much you’re willing to pay. We occasionally film customs that have nothing to do with our usual content.

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know why I haven’t been updating as much lately. The short version is my Best friend (who is one of the former goddesses) found out that both of her parents have cancer on the same day. We’ve been doing non stop doctor appointments and trips to the VA in LA ever since.
Her dad has kidney cancer and just had his surgery yesterday so my friend is in LA with him. Her mother has stage 4 breast cancer and is going through chemo so I’m here in Vegas taking care of her. I can’t leave her side because she’s having some reactions to her booster shot, the chemo and her port. It’s been a really tough couple of months and we have a long way to go. I’ve never seen anyone as close to their parents as my friend is with hers. When her parents lived in the midwest they would talk on the phone about 20 times a day and fly out to visit her 5 or 6 times a year. Back in August my friend and I flew back to the midwest and drove the moving truck to Vegas so they could all live together in the same house. Part of moving here was getting all of their medical stuff switched over. During those doctor visits they discovered the cancer in both of them. If they didn’t move they probably wouldn’t have found it in time.
It’s extra hard because I love her parents as much as my own. They’re incredibly nice people who do everything they can for others. They call me son and invite me over for home cooked meals almost every day.
During this slow time please continue buying videos. The girls still have bills to pay and this is affecting their income as well as mine.

Harmonia, Delia, Danny Cee and Bast will all be shooting soon. If anyone has custom paid video requests send them in now.

Well sadly I got a call that one of my favorite and sweetest relatives who was healthy for her age was suddenly near death after a fall. My Uncle and I started our drive across country for 26 hours the next morning (Friday the 18th). The Doctors said she could pass away at any moment but she ended up living in a coma until the 22nd. Then because of the Thanksgiving holiday we couldn’t have the funeral until Monday the 28th. My uncle and I started the 2 and a half day trip back home immediately after the funeral and I just got home now. While I was gone I could not access the sites or make and video updates. It feels like I was gone for 6 months. I thought I would be gone for 4 or 5 days at the most but things didn’t work out that way. I’m back now and will be doing a video update within the hour. I will sift through the hundreds of emails over the next day or two.

Deer idiots who keep uploading our videos. I’ve been writing down the catalog number of every video that’s been uploaded. Now I’m looking at every customer who bought each video to see who’s name keeps popping up. It doesn’t take long to find out who the offenders are. The 1st person to be blocked today has been uploading stomach noise videos. When we block you it’s a lifetime ban.
It’s going to take some time to find every pirate but we will. Your only hope is to delete the videos you’ve uploaded and pray I haven’t written that catalog number down yet.