Divine Astrid will be coming back to shoot new videos later this month if you have a paid custom idea for her. New Goddess model Julia may also be coming back to shoot new content.

Now that the holidays are over we have been making many customers happy with custom videos again. These customs really help us pay the bills. If you would like to put a big smile on a models face order a custom from her.

Hey guys I need your help again. More people are posting our videos on youtube. Please go report them so their channel gets shut down. Any time you see one of our videos on youtube report it. Please it helps us stay alive and open for business. Here is a link to a video I found today.

I have good news for heart beat and belly noise fans. We have a new audio recorder coming at the end of the week that records such a wide dynamic range that it’s impossible to clip the audio and cause distortion no matter how loudly the gain is turned up. This is sometimes a problem during heart beat audio videos and it’s a constant problem on every belly noise video. Those problems are now in the past.

I finally finished adding keywords to all of the sites so you can find what you’re looking for easier. A few clarifications. None of the underwater videos are labeled breath holding because it’s obvious the models holding her breath if she’s underwater. The word “stethoscope” is any video that uses a full stethoscope with the ear pieces.

Our newest model Circe is available for paid custom videos. She’s great at everything so far. Send in your ideas.

Our new girl Circe has improved her breath holding abilities at a very fast rate. It’s time to pit her against her friend and fellow breath hold champion Riley. I’d like to have a breath holding contest with prize money like we did with Riley and Moxxi. It will be a very close race with incredible heart skips and maybe a pass out. If you would like to contribute to the prize money fund you can send via paypal. If you need the address email me. They are already trying to figure out a day that they can both be here to film this. We’re going to film a dueling vacuum video on the same day since they are both extremely good at those.
Update: So far nobody has sent any money for this contest so we haven’t made any plans to shoot it.
Update part 2: Some donations are coming in now. The more money there is at stake the harder they will try to win. 🙂
Update part 3: The big contest is scheduled for noon this Sunday. If you want to support these beauties with a donation of prize money get it in soon.

Over 10 years ago we were filming very popular breath holding videos where the models put their acting and breath hold skills to use at the same time. They have their breathing controlled by an unknown person. We had to take the videos down and stopped producing them because it is against the rules to have anyone restrained. I’m offering a bundle now with all of those old banned videos. There are 34 total. 8 of them are newly remastered in HD while the rest are the original size. You can get them all for $240.

I’m looking for a few customers that have ordered custom videos in the past. The guy who orders the messy videos in the tub with condiments please contact me. I have a gorgeous new girl for you.
And also the guy who requests a white girl to be with a black man. Please contact me.

I just finished remastering Aphrodite videos into HD. She is one of our best breath holders ever.  The quality of these videos is the same as the camera recorded.
You can buy 25 underwater videos. Mixture of tub and tank for $125
Or 57 breath holding videos for $250
Contact me if you need payment info.

Over the next few weeks I’m going through every site and adding key words so if you’re only interest is belly noise videos for example you can see just those and nothing else. I just finished the Harmonia site which has 800 videos to search through. This should help everyone find what they’re interested in more efficiently.

Last week our web site host and friend Patrick lost his father. A couple of days later I got the call that my father has also passed away. Long time customers and friends may remember that he’s been struggling with his health for years. There were many complications from the medications he had to take after a heart transplant. Then he had prostate cancer and most recently he had multiple strokes. It’s very sad that he’s gone but he’s not suffering anymore and he really hated that he couldn’t do a lot of things for himself anymore.
I’ve been back in the midwest this past week for the funeral. Because of those expenses and not being able to shoot any new content, my already strained finances are in the trash right now and I’m going to end up on the street if I can’t rustle up some paid custom videos or discount bundle sales from old closed sites. All previous bundle deals are still available. I also still have quite a few remastered HD breath holding and underwater videos to edit and offer from Models like Aphrodite, Elektra and more.
Models who are available for custom videos include, Harmonia, Riley, Cleo, Danny Cee, Delia, Jadis Possibly Siera or Moxxi.

Danny Cee and Delia are both coming in to shoot new videos soon. The 31’st and 1st. If you have a paid custom video idea for either of them let me know. It will be Danny Cee’s birthday on the 31st when she’s here shooting.

Divine Jadis is hotter than ever right now from lots of yoga and she’s coming in to shoot new videos soon. If you have a paid custom video idea for her please send it in. She’s motivated to make some money.