I know it’s short notice but Riley will be here filming on 04-04-19. If you have a paid custom request for her get in quickly and we may be able to shoot it. Also taking custom requests for Cleo. She will be moving to another state soon and I may never see her again. Or I might see her a few times a year.

We’re trying something new by selling a streaming pass for some of the older sites. The first site to offer this is Divine Aphrodite. You can buy a pass for $30 here and have access to every video on the site. This new streaming service is meant for cell phone and tablet screens. Its up and running now so please try it out.

I have about 10 new models coming to the new goddesses site soon. Keep checking back the first will appear within 24 hrs.

Our shopping cart has always been secured with https and now our regular pages are also secured with https so you won’t get any warnings from google or other search engines about it being an unsafe site.

Today I’m offering a new breath holding bundle. All of Madison’s videos 90 of them for $300. She’s one of our sexiest and most talented breath holders. She pushes hard every time and even passes out on occasion. This also includes the contests she was in with April, Phyra and Bast.
You can see Madison on the New goddesses 1 and 2 web sites. If you need payment instructions send me a message. Returning bundle buyers can simply send payment the usual way.
In other news I haven’t been updating much lately because the girls were all sick and then I was sick with typical winter ailments.

I was hoping to raise $2,000 to $3,000 with the raffle so I could hire a bunch of hot new models but only a few people entered and I didn’t make enough to hire even one model for one hour so the raffle is cancelled and all money has been returned to those few who entered.

I have a new breath holding and underwater bundle available from Zivena and Venus. 15 are from Zivena and 12 are from Venus. Both of these very fit women turned into talented breath holders. 27 videos for $100 Special xmas deal. If you’re new to these bundles contact me for payment info.

I forgot to add a timer to Freya’s bath tub video so I’ve added it now and uploaded the new version. She does one breath hold at 3 minutes and another well over 3 minutes. In later attempts she arches her back and lifts her chest out of the water so you can see her contractions clearer.

When we moved the sites to new servers some people could not access the new goddesses site. I thought the problem was with browsers still trying to go to the old servers but we discovered an actual problem on the new goddesses site last night and fixed it. Now everyone should be able to see the site again.

Today I’m offering 2 variety Packs starring three models, Isis, Eris and Artume.
Isis held her breath way over 4 minutes and got her oxygen down into low 20’s during her 1st video.

Breath holding and underwater pack includes 57 videos from 3 models for $200.
Heart beat exercise, visible pulse, ultrasound pack includes 38 videos from 3 models for $100

repeat customers can pay the usual way. If you’re new contact me and I’ll let you know how you can pay with paypal, venmo, google pay, or zelle. You will then be emailed a link where you can download the videos.