Danny Cee and Delia are both coming in to shoot new videos soon. The 31’st and 1st. If you have a paid custom video idea for either of them let me know. It will be Danny Cee’s birthday on the 31st when she’s here shooting.

Divine Jadis is hotter than ever right now from lots of yoga and she’s coming in to shoot new videos soon. If you have a paid custom video idea for her please send it in. She’s motivated to make some money.

We’ve been shooting a fair amount of customs lately which is helping us get through the world wide covid 19 bullshit. Send in your paid custom request idea and I’ll let you know if we can shoot it. Models available are Riley, Cleo and Moxxi. Possibly Julia from new goddesses and possibly Danny Cee.

I have newly remastered HD videos of Vesna available for bundle sales. She was so good at breath holding that she passes out more than once. While performing underwater she is very natural with super long, all natural, thick black hair. All of her underwater videos are in the tank. Every video is from cam a.
10 Breath holding videos for $80
6 Underwater videos for $50

I have almost all of Demeter’s old Breath holding and underwater videos remastered in very high quality HD. She was one of the best breath holders and underwater performers we’ve ever had. She did an incredible 5 minute breath hold where she wanted to give up at 3:30 but kept on pushing herself. She was also an Olympic swimmer and worked as a professional mermaid while shooting with me.  Some of her breath holds include contests with Gaia where Gaia passes out.
You can buy all 15  breath holding videos for $100
And all 18 of her underwater videos for $120.
These videos are much longer than they were in the old days when we made a single breath hold it’s own video. Now multiple breath holds are combined into one video.
Contact me for payment info if interested.
As a Reminder Calypso’s HD breath holding and underwater videos are also available still

I would like to consistently shoot underwater videos again but since we haven’t been shooting them hardly at all for the past few years underwater fans don’t realize we have these new videos available. If you’re an underwater fan please help spread the word. It’s a lot of work draining and washing then prepping the tank for every shoot. More sales would make it worth it. 🙂

I’ve been remastering old videos that I found on a hard drive. If you’re interested in Very high quality HD videos of Calypso breath holding and underwater let me know. These videos are the same quality and size that the camera recorded. There are no encoding artifacts. In the old days I had to release the videos at lower resolution and heavily encoded to keep the file sizes and costs down. We don’t have to worry about that anymore. Not just the visuals are improved. I also made the heart beat audio sound better on videos that include it. Back then I recorded heart beat audio directly into the cameras and it was usually maxed out and clipping a bit. A soft limiter keeps the audio in check on these newly remastered versions. These videos are a huge leap in quality over what was released back in 2009. If you don’t know who Calypso is she was a cute model with an all natural body. She was good at breath holding and underwater.
There are 10 dry breath holding videos and 8 underwater videos. All of them are cam a versions. Let me know if you’re interested.

Hey guys, that you tube page has been taken down. Thanks to those who complained to youtube. You Rock!

Hey guys please help get this youtube page taken down by reporting it as inappropriate and or adult. This ass has uploaded some of our videos which really pisses the girls off. Everything on the page is stolen from somewhere.

If a few people report the page it should get taken down.

I would like to buy a new doppler so we can start making doppler heart beat videos with all of these new girls who have not tried it yet. Our previous dopplers broke and were thrown away. The doppler we need is $60. If you can afford to sponsor this purchase let me know. Thanks.

All of our sites were down for about 24 hours. Our host was upgrading servers and when they went to bring everything back online the hard drives containing all of our sites wouldn’t work. So they had to restore the sites from backups which took over 24 hours because of the huge number of files that we have.

Breath hold contest UPDATE: Well the contest went very well. They did three breath holds. On the first one they each took 20 breaths and Riley destroyed Moxxi with a time almost 30 seconds longer. After wards they were talking and both admitted that they were thinking about the competition too much and couldn’t relax. I gave them a pep talk and a new game plan before attempt number two.
Next I had them breathe at whatever pace they wanted for 2 minutes. This time they both set new records for themselves and they were starting to pass out. Riley did about 4:30 and Moxxi did about 2 seconds longer. They get pretty serious samba and lose control of their bodies. On the third attempt they do the same amount of breathing and Riley wins again. They were both really exhausted from pushing so hard on the seconds attempt. So at the end of the day riley one two out of three times but Moxxi did the longest time of the day. They decided they were both winners and happy splitting the money between them. I recorded heart beat and oxygen levels on one of them at a time since we don’t have a second microphone anymore. They switched places after each attempt so you get to hear Moxxi twice and Riley once. We filmed from three angles.

Sometime soon I would like to have a breath holding contest between Moxxi and Riley. Their maximum times are close and they are both competitive so it will be an epic contest. I would like to offer the winner of the contest a cash prize that is entirely from their fans. It’s a proven fact that the girls try extra hard when money is on the line and may even pass out trying to win. If you would like to add money to the pot you can send via paypal. If you need my paypal message me. I will update the site whenever we receive any amount donation so everyone can see what the total amount is. Obviously the more money there is in the pot the harder they will fight to win. Both of these girls have hardcore fans that love them and everything that they do. Thanks in advance to anyone who donates.

Most of the world is shut down right now but Riley, Moxxi and Cleo continue to come shoot new videos every week. That means they are available for custom videos. If you need a place to spend your stimulus check… Hi

Beautiful Valentina who did a 5 minute breath hold last year will be here at the end of Feb. Send your paid video requests now. I’m trying to raise money to help pay for some needed camera gear and also help pay for all of the new models I’m shooting with this month. If you don’t have a video request but want to donate money to the cause you can send money with paypal or venmo. If you have never sent me money before, email me and I’ll give you the info.