Beautiful Valentina who did a 5 minute breath hold last year will be here at the end of Feb. Send your paid video requests now. I’m trying to raise money to help pay for some needed camera gear and also help pay for all of the new models I’m shooting with this month. If you don’t have a video request but want to donate money to the cause you can send money with paypal or venmo. If you have never sent me money before, email me and I’ll give you the info.

Divine Natasha is in town and will be filming on the 27th. If you have a paid custom video request for her send it in. She still looks the same. I worked with her yesterday.

Divine Trilogy will be here for the next 5 days. If you have a paid custom idea for her send it in asap!

Riley is one of the best models we’ve had in a long time and she shoots new videos every Wednesday. If you have a paid custom video idea for her send it in.

All of our sites were down yesterday and this month was already a slow one so I’m bringing back our popular buy 20 videos for $100 sale. You can pick any 20 videos from Fetishgoddesses newgoddesses or newgoddesses2 for $100. Contact me if you need payment info. Otherwise send an email listing the 20 videos you would like with catalog numbers. We could really use the help.

When I recently found the old heart beat videos from Thalia, Trinity and Calypso I also found Belly noise videos.
6 from Calypso
4 from Thalia
and 2 from Trinity
12 Belly noise videos total for $60.Contact me if you need payment instructions.

I recently found lost heart beat videos from Thalia, Calypso, Elektra and Trinity on a hard drive. So it’s time for a bulk sale. Most videos are exercise related but there are some visible pulse.
Thalia has 26 videos for $100
Calypso has 55 videos for $200
Elektra has 10 videos for $50
Trinity has 16 videos for $80
For repeat customers send money the usual way. If you need payment instructions contact me. I’ll be celebrating my birthday today so I won’t be able to get back to you until later tomorrow.

Anyone who bought Lux’s new videos number 164 or 165 yesterday please try downloading the files again. They had a problem that caused them to end at about the 7 minute mark but they’re fixed now.

Riley will be here filming on the 28th if anyone has a paid custom video request for her. All of the people who have already ordered a custom from her, loved her and the video she made for them.