$10 raffle to win a lifetime of videos. Send me $10 via paypal and you’re entered to win a lifetime of videos from the following 3 sites, Fetishgoddesses, newgoddesses and nudegoddesses.┬áMost uploads from now forward will be to those sites. All money raised will go to hiring beautiful new models like Valentina.
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I have a new breath holding and underwater bundle available from Zivena and Venus. 15 are from Zivena and 12 are from Venus. Both of these very fit women turned into talented breath holders. 27 videos for $100 Special xmas deal. If you’re new to these bundles contact me for payment info.

I forgot to add a timer to Freya’s bath tub video so I’ve added it now and uploaded the new version. She does one breath hold at 3 minutes and another well over 3 minutes. In later attempts she arches her back and lifts her chest out of the water so you can see her contractions clearer.

When we moved the sites to new servers some people could not access the new goddesses site. I thought the problem was with browsers still trying to go to the old servers but we discovered an actual problem on the new goddesses site last night and fixed it. Now everyone should be able to see the site again.

Today I’m offering 2 variety Packs starring three models, Isis, Eris and Artume.
Isis held her breath way over 4 minutes and got her oxygen down into low 20’s during her 1st video.

Breath holding and underwater pack includes 57 videos from 3 models for $200.
Heart beat exercise, visible pulse, ultrasound pack includes 38 videos from 3 models for $100

repeat customers can pay the usual way. If you’re new contact me and I’ll let you know how you can pay with paypal, venmo, google pay, or zelle. You will then be emailed a link where you can download the videos.

All of our sites are currently getting moved to new servers. If you experience problems like very slow speeds when navigating just try again later.

Today I’m offering all 65 of Elektra’s old breath holding and underwater videos for $200. Contact me if you need payment instructions.

Today Divine Freya is re opening for business. She is famous for her incredible abdomen control, vacuum and breath holding ability. A few new videos will be released later today and more in the future.

Today I’m offering all of Zoe’s old videos for sale. She has 34 breath holding and underwater videos for $100. Or 29 heart beat videos for $90. Note that all of her breath holding videos have heart beat as well but are not included in the heart beat bundle.
I was asked to provide a pic of Zoe to refresh memories.

Pixie will be here shooting for one day on the 15th and she would love to shoot some paid customs while she’s here. She paid for a plane ticket out of her own money to fly here for one day. Please send custom requests with the form and remember she doesn’t do nudity or adult.

Today I’m offering all 69 of Thalia’s old Breath holding and underwater videos for $200. She was a very good breath holder who really pushed it hardcore. She passes out in at least one video. If you have sent money before go ahead and send it the same way. If you’re new contact me for details. Here’s Thalia in case you forgot what she looks like.

All 63 of Calypso’s old breath holding and underwater videos are available for the price of $200. Once again for those who have purchased a bundle like this in the past you can send payment the same way. If you are new contact me for details.
All of the previous bundles will be deleted in the next few days. If you still want videos from Trinity, Komodia, Pandia or Phoebe get on it before they’re gone.

Today I’m offering 21 re edited High Quality 1920×1080 HD videos of one of our most popular girls ever Eva for the price of $100. Eva has a perfect 10 body with very ample natural tits a tiny waist and a tight round ass. More importantly her proportions are just perfect. She’s topless or naked most of the time. These are all breath holding and underwater videos from the first year that she started working for the fetish goddesses site 2010-2011. The average video length is 10 minutes. When editing these I made them as perfect as possible with color and audio correction when needed. As a bonus I’m also including Bella’s breath holding and bath tub videos all condensed into 3 long videos. Bella is the first girl to appear on the fetish goddesses site. If you want to see her just go to page 24. For people who have taken advantage of these offers before you can pay the same way. If you’re new contact me for payment instructions.

Heart beat related videos of Eva will be coming at a later date.

For a short time all of Phoebe’s breath holding and underwater videos are available for $150. That’s 57 videos. If you have bought one of the other discount packages you can pay the same way. If you are new, contact me for payment info.

Today I re-activated a bunch of Gaia’s videos that have been missing from her site for the past 5 or 6 years. Before I did this she had 4 pages of videos. Now she has 7 pages. Sorry I can’t provide a list of re-activated videos.