Posted on May 30, 2023
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Valkyrie

Super new breath holds with new breathing technique a. Our only goal here was for her to geth the longest times possible. She does a new breathing technique which is included in the video. We`re not charging for the extra minutes of her breathing. She gets a very long time with some heart hiccups.
Super new breath holds with new breathing technique b. She really gives maximum effort here and may even have a new record for herself. I`m not sure what her longest attempt ever is but she gets to 3:40 here. Nice heart hiccups in a few places.
Patient has chest pains. Dr. Check up. She complains of chest pains. The Dr. Listens to her heart sitting up, checks her neck, and palpates before reclining the patient. More heart auscultation and palpation is performed. We finish with a quick ultrasound.
Abdomen pulse. The pulse in her beautiful toned abs is recorded. She adds one vacuum and one short breath hold to the mix.

Posted on May 27, 2023
Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Aphrodite

Doctor exam of belly custom. The Dr. looks at her ears eyes and neck before listening to her heart and lungs. She is reclined for more heart and belly auscultation. The dr. then moves onto palpation of her entire belly.
Hip and ankles pulse. The pulse in her hip is recorded. Later the pulse in both of her ankles is recorded from multiple angles.

Posted on May 24, 2023
Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Anance

Classy orgasm heart workout cam a. The camera is zoomed in on her upper body this time. Her heart really gets a workout as she tries to orgasm. She gets so close a few times but can`t quite make it. So her heart is constantly beating hard and fast until she finally achieves orgasm.
Classy orgasm heart workout cam b. Each time she gets close to orgasm her heart speeds even faster and as she realizes she`s not going to make it things slow slightly and only for a short time. Her heart never slows to anywhere near normal. She was also sick on this day.
Really nice belly noises from an upset belly. She is sick on this day with some major belly issues. This is great for our belly noise videos. She gets a huge variety of loud noises.

Posted on May 22, 2023
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Valkyrie

Breath holds with increasing squats game cam a. She starts with a breath hold immediately after standing, then she does 5 squats before her breath hold. Followed by 10 squats and breath hold, 15 squats and finally 20 squats. Every time she pushes it as long as she can with strong contractions.
Breath holds with increasing squats game cam b. This is a great video for fans of difficult breath holds or hearts under stress. Her heart beat audio is recorded and she struggles very hard with this difficult video.
Listening to each others heart beat with Sexy girlfriend. You each have a stethoscope to listen to each others heart beat. Your sexy girlfriend is very flirtatious and talks about what she hears and what you probably here. She tells you to touch and stroke yourself JOI style until she finally lets you explode.
Really super clear ultrasound of her heart. Some days the machine just gets clearer results than others and this is one of those days. Very clear image of chambers and valves hard at work. This time the ultrasound image is a bit larger than we usually show.

Posted on May 19, 2023
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Aphrodite

Welcome back breath holds cam a. She tries breath holding for the first time in 10 years. Her first attempt reminds her of how hard it is. She tries 3 more times after that. Does she get back to her former times? You will have to buy the video to find out. Heart beat audio.
Welcome back breath holds cam b. She sure does look fantastic after taking a 10 year break. Nice fight and pushing herself during these first breath holds. She squirms around and moves her legs.
Very nice neck pulse slow and fast. The pulse in her neck is very visible all over. Both sides of her neck are shown. She is at rest and after cardio.
Her belly noises are bananas. She ate half of a banana during the shoot and about 20 minutes later her belly started making a lot of noises. This is the result.

Posted on May 13, 2023
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Super vacuums in different positions. She does a sexy fun introduction explaining that she`s going to do the best vacuums she can for as long as she can. During the vacuums she pushes herself and gets nice contractions. Her position or camera angle changes many times.

Posted on May 10, 2023

REMINDER: Aphrodite, Valkyrie and Trilogy will be here around the 15th-16th of May. If you have a paid custom idea for them, send it in now so we can get it all set up. Aphrodite has incredible abs and a toned body. She was also always a hard worker who never complained. Trilogy has very nice natural breasts and a fun or sensual personality and of course Valkyrie is great at everything. Who knows if Trilogy or Aphrodite will be seen again? This could be your only chance to order a custom from them. Riley may also be here soon.

One more thing. Divine Nike may have to close soon for reasons out of our control. I can't share why so don't ask. If you want any of her videos go get them soon.

Posted on May 04, 2023
Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Valkyrie

Awesome new breath holding game uncut with extras cam a. She has a bowl of times next to her. She grabs one blindly and has to hold her breath for however long the paper says. She can only take one breath before doing the next time. The times are as follows. 20 30 30 40 1:00 1:10 1:20 2:00.
Awesome new breath holding game uncut with extras cam b. You can see the bowl in this view which shows her grabbing the papers randomly. Somehow she manages to grab the 2:00 minute time last and fails to make that time. Uncut video from beginning to end with behind the scenes funny banter after.
Expanded descrition. This is a really great breath hold video with heart beat audio. She tries her absolute hardest. It may seem staged that she grabs the longest time last but you can see she is grabbing the papers herself without looking at them. After the video should end the camera keeps rolling capturing our behind the scenes talking where she is sad about not making it to two minutes. Inside jokes and her trying a talking ending more than once because I didn't think her first attempt was good enough :-) I probably shouldn't have included this but figured why not? I know I would enjoy this extra footage if I was a customer.
Very nice nack pulse. Her neck is pulsing all over, both sides and the middle at the same time. Multiple camera angles. Really good for visible pulse fans.

Posted on April 28, 2023
Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Anance

The great stethoscope test of 2023 with a few heart hiccups. She tries all of our steths starting with the cheapest and working to most expensive. I did zero to the audio so it is 100 % as recorded. Big diff in sound as vid progresses. Cheap steths are much quieter and have less bass.

Expanded descrition. The difference in sound quality is amazing. The cheaper steths actually record a good sound but they are much quieter than the more expensive steths. This means the gain on the audio recorded must be turned up to get the same level. This introduces background room noise and that airy static. Since I did zero to the audio in this video you can hear that room noise disappear as the quality of steths goes up. The cheaper steths also have less bass in the audio which some may actually prefer. She puts all of the steths in the same 3 spots on her chest. The same microphone is used for all steths. She also gets a few heart hiccups in the beginning.
Self pleasure with very happy ending. She records her heartbeat while pleasuring herself with a brand new toy. She gets a great orgasm with squirting.
Bike workout for 9 minutes straight. She pedals on the bike for 9 minutes straight while watching a dating show on her phone. Then she rests. The bike goes up and down in resistance on it`s own.

Posted on April 26, 2023

Some confirmed models from the past who will be shooting in May.
Divine Aphrodite will be here on May 15th.
Divine Trilogy will be here on the 16th-18th.
Aphrodite hasn't been here since March 2012. Trilogy was last here in 2019. If you would like a custom video with either fo them, start planning it now. I will remind everyone as we get closer. Valkyrie will be here again on April 30th.

Posted on April 26, 2023
Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Selene

Fast squats with ECG and weights. She does pretty fast squats while holding onto weights to get her heart racing. The ECG records her heart. Readings are only accurate when she stops to rest between sets.
Visible neck pulse with ECG. The whole side of her neck is moving and pulsing to her heartbeat. The light is skimming over the area perfectly to show the maximum movement. ECG readings and heart audio.

Posted on April 19, 2023
Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Valkyrie

Super incredible can't breathe until you point perfection a. She does a vacuum until you point to her but you push her really hard and she gets extreme, long contractions. Then she gets to breathe for about 3 seconds before a full breath hold. Again she can't breathe until you point to her.
Super incredible can't breathe until you point perfection b. This is probably the best breath holding video she's ever made. Her facial expressions and begging for air while pounding her hand on the floor combined with intense contractions is a sight to behold. She's moving her legs lifting her torso and more.
The sample pictures do no justice to how good this video is. She gets major contractions during her super deep vacuums that cause her ribs to collapse before springing back into a vacuum over and over again.

Posted on April 15, 2023
Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Anance

Sleepy girl belly noises. She`s sleeping again in the casual clothes she showed up in while her belly noises are recorded. Good variety and pretty constant noises.
Neck snoring. She falls asleep shortly after this video starts and begins snoring. The neck pulse is not as easy to see in this video as usual but it`s most visible under her jawline.

Posted on April 10, 2023

Valkyrie will be here shooting on the 18th. Riley and Jadis will both be here before then. If you have a paid custom video for them send it in now. Of course other regulars like Harmonia and Anance are also available.

Posted on April 08, 2023
Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Selene

Digestive noises. Her belly noises are pretty constant with some nice outbursts. She isn`t starving nor did she eat recently. But her belly is making digestive noises.
ECG of fast heart after cardio. She gets her heart racing with cardio before lying down in front of the camera. ECG captures her heart readings. Her heart irregularities seem to be gone now.
Self pleasure edging with strong orgasm. She gets herself as close to orgasm as she can multiple times then finally lets it happen. ECG records her heart.