Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Trilogy.
Very nice chest pulse before and after exercise. She’s getting a nice visible pulse throughout her ample chest during rest but it’s a whole new video after her exercise. Her pounding heart causes a big wave from one side of the screen to the other.
General ultrasound of heart at rest. The doctor probes her heart from various places with the transducer getting nice clear visuals of her chambers and valves at work.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Juno.
Ankle and wrist pulse custom. The pulse in her ankle and wrist is recorded along with heart beat audio. During the wrist portion you can even see a pulse in the palm of her hand.
Breath holding in black lingerie pass out heart stop cam a. She’s super sexy like usual pulling at her clothing and making sexy faces during her breath holds. Since she’s so thin it almost looks like she’s doing a vacuum. On last attempt she passes out from breathing too much and her heart stops and skips.
Breath holding in black lingerie pass out heart stop cam b. She never sets any records with her breath holds but she sure looks damn good trying. She gets some nice contractions while arching her back. After her pass out and major heart event she takes a few breaths and continues.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Thunderstorm Belly noises while wearing pasties. Her belly is going so crazy today that it’s interrupting other videos. Non stop incredibly loud rumbles like thunder from a massive storm. It doesn’t get much better than this for belly noise fans.
Belt breath holds x 4 cam a. She tightens the belt around the smallest part of her waist and tries to set a new personal breath hold record. The belt pulls in her waist and makes her ribs stick out even more.
Belt breath holds x 4 cam b. She’s looking extra gorgeous today with a nice tan and a more toned body. Each attempt gets better than the last.

Juno wanted to shoot some videos in her american flag bikini for the fourth of July. Since you saw her last she had a baby and somehow she’s skinnier than ever and has no stretch marks at all.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Juno.
Super skinny vacuums cam a. She’s always been one of the best at doing vacuums and she sure doesn’t disappoint in this one. There is a huge gap between her bikini bottoms and her abs when she sucks in as her hip bones make a bridge with the material.
Super skinny vacuums cam b. Her vacuums look just as amazing in this view. Very defined ribs and ripped abs. Of course she does all of her vacuums in an erotic way.
Workout with unexpected surprise. She does squats on the first set and then during rest she stretches and bends forward which stops her heart for a short time. Huge speed change and a stop which returns to normal when she stands back up. Very sexy skinny girl workout.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Lux.
Beautiful vacuums cam a. She’s looking super hot and doing some very nice vacuums here with regular room audio.
Beautiful vacuums cam b. Very nice concave abs and protruding ribs.

If you miss the good old days check this deal out.
I found the raw camera footage from many of our best videos ever, circa 2009-2011 on old hard drives and I’ve remastered them in super high quality HD with improved audio.
When we started the sites we were getting charged for every megabyte of space we took up on the servers so I had to keep the file size down with high compression and smallish resolution of 720×406 pixels. This was especially horrible whenever there was a lot of movement like in a bath tub video. Now you won’t see any compression artifacts in underwater scenes. At the time we were recording heart beat audio directly into the camera rather than using a professional audio recorder like we do today. The camera method produced audio that was too loud and clipping. I was able to fix that when editing these new improved versions. The only problem with high quality is the files are so big that I can’t sell them the traditional way over the internet. I’m going to group them together in packages and sell them the old fashioned way by mailing each buyer a memory card with the files on it. The first package consists of super sexy fetish goddess models Kayla, her friend Sarah and Summer. You get every breath holding and underwater video Kayla and Sarah ever made and most of the videos from Summer for $220. That’s $200 for the videos and $20 for the memory card and shipping. Since these videos were edited all over as if they were new, I included new content never seen before. If interested in this phenomenal deal, email me and we will work out payment and shipping.  I may offer more deals like this with different models in the future.
I’m only offering this deal to the first 5 people. 2 people have already placed their orders which leaves 3 spots left.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Visible pulse and breathing with back arched over pillow a. She has her back arched over a large pillow while her heart beat is recorded at rest and then after exercise. When her heart is beating fast her whole body shakes with each beat.
Visible pulse and breathing with back arched over pillow b. The view from cam b. Very clear heart beat audio.
Smoking 2 huge blunts and getting high AF with HB. She smokes two huge self rolled cigs while her heart beat is recorded. She gets so high that we have to eventually stop.
Smoking 2 huge blunts and getting high AF no HB. In this version there is no heart beat audio, only clear room audio for smoking fans.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Iris.
Fast heart bike pulse. She gets her heart pumping very fast on the bike and it takes a long time for it to calm back down again.
Fast neck pulse. Her pulse is beating pretty fast during this whole neck pulse video. After a while she exercises and gets it beating even faster.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Jump jump hard core cardio. She jumps as high as she can as many times as she can until her heart feels like it’s going to explode then stops to record the results. Her body looks great as she jumps and her heart is racing.
Fantastic heart tour chest closeup. The cam is zoomed in on her beautiful chest as she gives a tour of her heart. Extremely clear and very awesome audio. The audio of her heart is among the best we’ve ever captured.
Fantastic heart tour chest closeup side angle. I can’t stress enough how good her heart sounds here.
The breath hold struggle. She continues trying to improve her breath hold times and does get some of her longest ones yet. Her whole body moves with each heart beat while holding. Nice heart audio.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Danny Cee.
Breath holds while oiled custom a. She holds her breath for as long as she can three times while her body is oiled. This is a custom video ordered by a fan. She gets some nice heart reactions during breath hold beginning and end.
Breath holds while oiled custom b. This is zoomed in more on her chest.
Breath holds while oiled custom c. This is the view from the other camera.
Smoking with ECG readings. She smokes while the steth and ECG record her heart. Her heart speeds up every time she takes a hit and then slows way down right after.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Lux.
Smoking hold smoke in lungs for as long as possible custom a. She takes a few drags from a cigarette and then holds one in her lungs with the goal of absorbing all of the smoke into her lungs so when she exhales no smoke is visible.
Smoking hold smoke in lungs for as long as possible custom b. This was extremely difficult because she hasn`t smoked a real cig in about 1.5 years. She struggles during the 1st cig but gets better on the 2nd and she`s able to holds her breath much longer. Her heart reacts every time.
Breath holding during ultrasound. She does regular breath holds for as long as she can with nice contractions and struggling like usual. The ultrasound pear into her chest and shows her chambers and valves as they work hard to cope with depleting oxygen levels.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Iris.
Very good belly noises. She’s getting constant belly noises here and it’s a very nice variety of all kinds of sounds.
Great breath holds cam a. She does a great job of fighting the urge to breathe while getting nice long contractions. Her lips turn blue and she gets nice heart reactions as oxygen levels drop.
Great breath holds cam b. This is the same as cam a except for the angle.
Heart beat during and after squats. She gets her heart pounding hard and fast with squats and then stops to rest.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Breath holding in pink bikini cam a. She holds her breath for as long as she can while her heart beat is recorded. She’s watching the timer and trying to push herself to certain goals.
Breath holding in pink bikini cam b. Really nice heart beat audio. She squirms around a bit at the end of each hold.
Heart beat recorded in all positions. We wanted to see how her heart sounds when the steth stays in the same spot but she changes her body position to different angles. She does upright, left side, right side, face down and face up. She falls asleep at end and is scared awake for funny blooper.
I thought she might have fallen asleep so I yelled WAKE UP! and she immediately shoots up off the floor with incredible speed arching her back quite a ways in the process. It was pretty funny so we both laugh our asses off.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Lux.
Smoking custom big clouds with heart beat. She takes huge drags and creates enormous clouds of smoke. The cam is further back so you can see more of the cloud and where it goes. The break between drags is short so there are a lot of clouds.
Smoking custom big clouds regular audio no hb. This version has no heart beat so you can very clearly hear her taking each drag and blowing it out.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Bast.
Visible pulse breath holds on side and back a. She holds her breath to get a nice visible pulse while on her side. Later she is on her back and we add a small dog shaped toy over the area that moves the most.
Visible pulse breath holds on side and back b. Close up view.
Visible pulse breath holds on side and back c. View from the other camera. This camera actually shows the visible pulse better.