Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Julia.
Visible pulse during breath holds cam a. She holds the deepest breath she can while the visible pulse is recorded in her chest neck and abs.
Visible pulse during breath holds cam b. You can see the space between her ribs moving more in this alternate view.
Yoga heart beat. She does a variety of yoga poses in a black bikini while her heart beat is recorded.

The Athena remastered HD videos are ready. I have 60 of them which = 9 hours and 16 minutes or 37GB of files. Most of the files are breath holding but there are 3 underwater in the tub videos and a few heart beat videos where she’s not breath holding. I also did color correction and improved the heart beat audio immensely. Some of these videos have never been seen before by anyone.
I’m running a special for the next 10 days you can get all of these files for $100.
On June 20th the price goes up to $200
Here’s more info about how I fixed heart beat audio. Continue reading

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Mega visible pulse everywhere during back arch breath holds a. She’s arched over a pillow, the camera is low, she holds a breath and packs in extra air. Her entire chest and neck move a lot with every heart beat and her heart beats fast.
Mega visible pulse everywhere during back arch breath holds b. In this alternate angle you can still see both sides of her chest moving up and down in a wave with each powerful heart beat.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Harmonia.
Starving for 24 hours hunger growls with regular mic custom. She starved and is in pain thinking about the lunch she’s going to get immediately following this video. The room mic captures all of the grumbles and her commentary. It really get’s going after about 4 minutes.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Riley.
2 very nice breath holds cam a. She gets over 4 minutes on her first hold which is a record for her on the first one. Then she gets over 4:30 on the second one after long contractions and fun heart beats.
2 very nice breath holds cam b. She stares directly at you in this cam fairly often. She’s doing a much better job or remaining calm during contractions. Her oxygen levels go the lowest ever during breath hold in this video in the 40’s.
Belly growls and grumbles. She was very hangry (that’s angry from being so hungry) during this shoot so we recorded her growling upset empty stomach.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Circe.
Super vacuums oiled while you feel cam a. She does some seriously deep vacuums while you feel her ribs and abs. Heart beat is recorded. She likes the massage you give her and is sad when you tell her to do the last part on her own. She twists her body in various ways.
Super vacuums oiled while you feel cam b. You can see from this view that her eyes roll back into her head from lack of oxygen in the later portion. During part of the video she keeps alternating between a vacuum and relaxed while holding the exhale.
Short but sweet belly noises. She is getting nice noises here but they don’t last so the video is only 5 minutes long.
Really nice visible pulse with heart stops. She is oiled up and each scene starts immediately rafter cardio so the pulse is pounding through her body very fast. As it begins to slow she gets long heart pause and then a change to a much slower pulse rate.

Regarding the Apnea remastered HD videos I forgot to mention that anyone who owns over 100 of our videos or more than half of Apnea’s old videos can get the bundle for half price. Just let me know the name you used to buy your videos and I will verify. I already know most of our best customers by name. Thanks for being loyal long term customers.
As a reminder I have a link where you can see a thumbnail gallery and 2 sample videos. Download the videos to see full quality.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Julia.
5 and 5 cam a. She does 5 minutes of back to back vacuums and then switches to 5 minutes of back to back breath holds. Her heart beat is recorded the whole time. She does about 1 and a half breaths in-between each vacuum or breath hold.
5 and 5 cam b. The view from above. This is a tough video that deprives her of oxygen for over 10 minutes. At the end she does one more breath hold past the 10 minute mark. Shot in one take with no cuts.
Ultrasound of heart after cardio. The cardiac transducer shows her chambers and valves while they work hard after cardio. A few different modes are used.
Looking cute in street clothes heart experiments. Sometimes… most times, the models show up looking so cute in their regular clothes. Today Julia does a variety of things while posing in the clothes she showed up in. Posing, breath holds, and exercise.

The Apnea remastered videos are all ready for sale in HD. Wow what a huge difference in quality. These files are super clear and detailed with zero pixilation or artifacts. Apnea is super cute with a cute voice. She gets nice contractions in every breath hold and looks very comfortable underwater. I have 99% of everything she ever shot. Back then we didn’t shoot belly noises and we just started shooting heart beat exercise so we don’t have any of those here. In some of her breath holding videos we recorded heart beat but most are room audio.

Here’s the breakdown.
9 underwater videos which is 1 hour and 52 minutesĀ  7.28GB of files for $60
48 Breath holding vids which is 7hrs and 48 minutes 30.4GB of files for $200

Contact me if you need payment instructions or want to see a thumbnail of each video.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Riley.
Really good breath holds with ECG and spo2 cam a. She gives maximum effort in three long breath holds while the ECG records her heart and the spo2 records oxygen. Her heart has some unusual beats as her oxygen runs low.
Really good breath holds cam b. The view from above. She tries to keep her contractions from starting for as long as possible and then tries to remain calm once they start. You can really see how red her face and neck turn as oxygen gets low.
Breath hold and vacuum experiments for heart standing. She does a variety of vacuums and breath holds while standing and hooked up to the vitals machine. Really nice heart stops and PVC’s. It’s a real struggle for her to stay conscious.

All of the girls have been asking me if I have any new customs for them. It helps them and me pay the bills. If you have been thinking of a new paid custom idea send it in.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Circe.
Nice breath holds in pasties cam a. She does three nice long breath holds with contractions while wearing pasties. Because her beautiful tits are free they jiggle nicely during contractions.
Nice breath holds in pasties cam b. The view from above. You can see the steth rocking back and forth in the light with each heart beat.
Visible pulse in pasties fast slow breath holding a. She does numerous breath holds with her back arched over a large pillow. Later she does this after exercise. Really nice visible pulse all over her chest which is magnified during breath holds.
Visible pulse in pasties fast slow breath holding b. An alternate view. Both sides of her chest move with each heart beat and the skin between her ribs rolls.

Remastered oldies in HD update:
I bought the hdv camera and I’m transferring all of the tapes to my computer. This process takes a long time because the tapes have to play in real time and there are about 100 of them. After getting the camera I ran into numerous problems getting that old technology to work with newer computers but it’s working now. The first videos available will be from Apnea followed by Athena. It looks like I have pretty much everything they ever shot and some things that never even made it onto those old sites.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Julia.
Breath hold challenge different positions. She is challenged to hold her breath for as long as she can with no prep in a variety of ways. Lying on her back, during leg raises, during a plank, sitting up and standing up. Heart beat audio is recoded.
Fast squats workout with heart beat. She does squats at a quick pace to get her highly conditioned heart racing and then stops so we can hear it slow back down during rest.
Super neck artery peekaboo in the light a. This is a really nice video for neck pulse fans or any visible pulse fans. Every time her heart beats the artery in her neck bulges out into the light and then goes back into the shadow.
Super neck artery peekaboo in the light b. This view is just as good as cam a. You can see a nice visible pulse all over her neck while the artery dances in and out of the light.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Riley.
Super vacuums while you feel and on her side a. You feel her incredible deep vacuums while she lies on her back in a few ways. Then she lies on her side for the remainder. She loves to feel you touching her like this. She laughs in the beginning because of her belly noises every time you touch her.
Super vacuums while you feel and on her side b. POV from above. Both angles of this video are incredible. She spends a of of time watching your hands as they caress her super defined ribs and abs. Room audio on both cams.
Nice belly noises for 17 minutes straight. She’s getting nice loud noises here if they ever slow down she sucks in her abs to trigger more.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Cleo.
Slow motion jumping jacks and palpation. She does jumping jacks at three different degrees of slow motion. The first time is the slowest and it gets faster each time after that. When she stops to rest you feel her pounding heart with your hand.
Nice belly grumbles. Her belly is pretty consistent here with many grumbles growls and general noises.
School girl breath holds for you cam a. School girl Cleo wants to impress you with her breath holding skills so she pushes for as long as she can. She flirts and caresses her own body. When she can’t hold it any longer she grabs a steth so you can hear her heart pounding.
School girl breath holds for you cam b. The view from above. She spends equal time looking at both cameras. This one is more of a POV. Crystal clear room audio and then heart beat audio.