Uploaded 2 new videos to New Goddesses.
Quinn visible pulse between ribs. She has a great pulse between her ribs near her bikini top when she holds her breath. The camera angle and lighting change multiple times and the heart beat audio is awesome. She has a very clear heart.
Quinn heart beat tour. Wow her heart sounds amazing. Of course it’s recorded with the new technique that really brings out the full dynamic range from thumpy bass to crisp highs but her heart is just clear as can be. She holds her breath once at each auscultation site.

Today a new site called NudeGoddesses.com opens that will feature only models who shoot nude and adult content. After about a month the videos from this site will be moved to the Fetishgoddesses.com site.
The NewGoddesses.com site will only feature models who do not shoot nude or adult videos. After about a month the videos from this site will be moved to NewGoddesses2.com.
This is going to make things easier for me when I’m contacting models because models who do not shoot nude or adult don’t want to be associated with a site that has girls naked or masturbating.
The videos move after a month for financial reasons that have to do with storage space and bandwidth.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Nude Goddesses.
Eva ECG pleasuring herself with vibrator a. This is similar to her first self pleasure video but this time the ECG is recording her heart. Again she is in the zone, tuning out outside influences and concentrating on her real orgasm.
Eva ECG pleasuring herself with vibrator b. This version shows more of what she’s doing with her vibrator. You get a better view of her whole body.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Natasha heart beat tour. The steth records unbelievably clear heart audio at the major auscultation sites as beautiful Natasha takes slow relaxing deep breaths. She holds a breath once in each location. Super slow, relaxed heart audio.
Natasha ECG sampler. The ECG records her heart as she lies on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and holds a breath standing. HB is in the 40′s during the first part then she almost passes out during the breath hold where her heart again slows way down. Crystal clear audio.
Expanded description. Her heart is in great shape but it sure isn’t happy when she does standing breath holds. After about 10 seconds she almost falls over and has to put her hands on her knees to stay upright. Her heart immediately slams to a very slow bpm and her face turns color. It takes her a little bit before she can stand back up all the way. Her heart eventually returns to normal but it takes it’s sweet time. She tries to talk about what she just felt but the voice mic isn’t on so you can’t really understand her.
Natasha cardio workout. This pint sized cutie can really work that body. She does jumping jacks and jogging. During rest she records her pounding heart. After each set it takes longer for her heart to return to normal and on the last set it doesn’t seem like it ever will.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Double steth belly noises. She’s getting some pretty good noises here after eating tacos and drinking a beer. Steths are placed on each side of her stomach, creating a stereo effect. you can hear noise move from one side to the other.
Heart experiments new sound. She does a variety of breath holds, outs, pushes and bend overs while the steth records her heart. This is the 1st video recorded with a new method which creates even clearer heart audio than usual.
Expanded description. It’s never easy to get clear heart audio on Harmonia and it’s extra hard during exercises or experiment videos like this one. With this new technique of recording, her heart is very clear at all times and movement noises are greatly reduced.

Uploaded 1 new video to New Goddesses.
Eva breath hold pleasure. I told her about Danica’s explosive orgasms from breath holding and Eva was eager to try it out. She does surprisingly long holds considering her heart rate and the oxygen she’s burning. The two cams switch back and forth during this video. Another masterpiece.

Uploaded 5 new videos to New Goddesses.
Remember all videos on the New Goddesses site are recorded in 4K and downscaled to 1920x1080p HD.
Eva pleasuring herself to sound of heart beat a. She starts out listening to and getting aroused by the sound of her heart beat when she suddenly wonders what it would sound like is she was using her vibrator and having an orgasm. She naturally holds her breath for about 10 seconds over and over again.
Eva pleasuring herself to sound of heart beat b. Great heart beat audio the whole time and her orgasm is very real. She does not add extra moaning or exaggerate her orgasm. Everything is recorded as if she was home alone with no camera.
Expanded description. Wow what a treat to have such a beautiful creature share her intimate moments with us. Her natural sensuality is intoxicating. Once she starts with the vibrator she’s in the zone, concentrating on pleasure and forgetting about everything else. I noticed that she was holding her breath over and over again throughout the video and commented on it when she was done. She didn’t even realize she did it.
Eva topless breath holds cam a. She does 3 sweet breath holds while topless. Perfect heart beat audio the whole time along with plenty of breathing before and after the breath hold.
Eva topless breath holds cam b. This cam is from a low angle near her right hip looking back up towards her head. There’s a pretty nice visible pulse under the steth and under the wire.
Eva topless breath holds cam c. This angle is from above.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
More belly noises after eating too much. Her belly is making all kinds of noises as she digests a spicy meal. The camera goes from the usual wide angle to zoomed in on her stomach and back again.
Visible pulse back arched over pillow a. Her back is arched over the big pink pillow as the pulse in her abs is recorded. She breathes normally most of the time but does 3-4 breath holds as well. Pulse across her whole body.
Visible pulse back arched over pillow b. This is shot from the opposite angle of cam a so it looks very different.

Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
Eva POV super sexy palpation. You feel the pulse in her chest at major auscultation sites, her neck, her abs and her hips. She’s your girlfriend and treats you as such. you have full access to her glorious breasts as she writhes around in sexual energy.
EVA girlfriend experience standing. Shortly after palpating her unbelievable body she notices you stop to feel her heart beat while you’re playing with her breasts. She then works out for you a few times and lets you listen to her heart.
Eva bike workout fast heart. Remember when she got her heart over 200 bpm? Well she doesn’t get there this time but her heart is pounding very fast, faster than the machine says.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Harmonia.
Stuffed on Pizza and Sangria belly noises. She just finished a large meal of delicous pizza and sangria, now her belly is very active with digestion. Lots of odd squeals and fun noises, some of which are ear splitting loud.
Breath holding with scuba mask. First she stretches out her lungs with super deep breaths and stretching with arms over her head. Then she does 3 sweet breath holds with the mask on her face. Her oxygen levels get down into the 50′s on the 2nd and 3rd attempts.
Breath holding with scuba mask from above. This has been requested more than once. Great contractions and her lips look extra plump with the mask on.
Breath holding midsection close up. This version is especially for those who love to see contractions or visible pulses. Her whole body moves with each powerful heart beat. Her abs and ribs look amazing as her body tries to force her to breath.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Freya.
Visible pulse topless. The visible pulse in her chest and abs is recorded while she’s topless. You can see it all over in multiple places. She occasionally holds a breath in and the angle changes a few times.
Workout and experimentation. She does a long workout which really gets her heart pumping nice and fast and later she starts experimenting with breath play and banding over. She gets some great reactions including super slow downs and pauses in her heart beat.

Uploaded 4 new videos to New Goddesses.
Eva Palpation POV as she gets turned on. You palpate Eva’s gorgeous chest with your finger tips and the palm. As the video progresses Eva’s heart beat changes when you palpate the apical area and she begins to move around in a sensual manner.
Eva Palpation Side view as she gets turned on. Perfect heart beat audio to go along with this sexy palpation. She holds a breath in when you ask her too. By the end of this video she is looking rather aroused.
Eva visible pulse in breast and abs. Because of the low angle high contrast and oil, you can see a nice pulse just about everywhere. She holds her breath a few times and she exercises towards the end for a fast pulse. The exercising is not shown.
Eva sweet ultrasound of her heart. She is lying in the proper left lateral decubitus position as the transducer probes her heart. Very clear images from a variety of angles.

Today all of Kakia’s old videos were re-activated. You can now purchase every video she’s ever made.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Siera.
Bike workout with very fit heart. She pedals at a normal workout pace on the first set and then pedals harder and harder as she goes. No matter how hard she pedals or what the resistance is set at she can’t get her very fit heart over 150bpm.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Harmonia.
Visible pulse in abs with gold chains. She has a very interesting gold necklace draped over her abs during this visible pulse video. She holds her breath sometimes to isolate the pulsing. Her entire body pulses from one side of the screen to the other.

Today all of Juno and Trilogy’s old videos were re uploaded and activated so you can now buy every video they ever made.