Uploaded 3 new videos to New Goddesses.
For those wondering. Zara is of east Indian decent. She’s lived her whole life in the usa though and has no accent.
Zara Very unusual heart ultrasound. Hopefully someone can make sense of this resting ultrasound. I had to zoom out further than ever before on the ultrasound machine setting to get all of her heart in the picture. I don’t know why her heart looks so unusual.
Expanded description. If you know what is up with her heart please let me know so I can add the info to her workout ultrasound video coming at a later date. Her heart is very healthy. It never skips a beat during all of our filming and slows down to normal seconds after working out. In the ultrasound it looks like there is an extra part of her heart inches away from the rest at the bottom of the screen. It looks like a valve is flapping in this section as well.
Zara squat workout with very conditioned heart. You can tell by her six pack that she works out a lot. Moments after doing squats her heart is back to a slow pace. While resting she strikes a few poses.
Zara breath holds and heart tour ab pulse. She’s really bad at breath holding so I stopped teaching her after her 2nd attempt. We then switch to an ab pulse video while also doing a heart tour with the steth. The breath holding is included for free.
Expanded description. Sorry breath hold fans but after shooting these videos for so long I can tell when someone is going to get better at breath holding. Some people have zero desire so they won’t even try.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Fetish Goddesses.
Anna visible pulse in abs and neck with very fast pulse. New girl Anna has a super fast pulse at all times. The pulse is very visible in her abs neck and chest. She falls asleep a few times and her heart beat changes.
Anna’s awesome heart tour. While recording I could hear a higher pitched sound that I knew would be lost with the low pass filter so I changed the frequency and you can now hear a fuller range of her heart audio very clearly. She does a short bhold at each spot of the tour.
Anna’s incredible bouncing chest. Wow I’ve never seen anyone’s chest move this much from a resting heart. It looks like someone is punching her ribs behind her breast causing the whole thing to jump with each rapid beat. Probably our best visible chest pulse ever.
Anna’s incredible bouncing chest cam b. It’s even more pronounced from this angle. This is a masterpiece for anyone who likes tits, visible pulses and heart audio.

I have about 10 new models coming to the new goddesses site soon. Keep checking back the first will appear within 24 hrs.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Phyra.
Breaking her breath hold record cam a. She tries super hard in this one. On first attempt her heart is all over the place. On the second attempt she beats her record and almost passes out. Really long intense contractions and squirming around.
Breaking her breath hold record cam b. This is the view from above. She’s also getting some loud belly noises in this video.
Very loud belly noises. Her belly noises were intruding into her breath hold video so we recorded a video of them. Very loud outbursts of grumbling noises with pops and squeals in between.
Visible neck and chest pulse with breath push experiments. Her neck pulse is the main focus but you can see a pulse in other spots as well. She changes the angle of her head multiple times and does some breath hold pushes to pop those neck arteries out.

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Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Breath holding in different positions with heart beat a. She holds her breath while arching her back, sitting up and on her hands and knees while the steth records the differences in her heart audio.
Breath holding in different positions with heart beat b. An alternate view. She’s making a lot of eye contact and flirting in this video.
Oiled up visible pulse multiple angles. Her topless body is looking amazing with the oil and lighting. Visible pulse can be seen in multiple places and cam angle changes a few times.

Today I’m offering a new breath holding bundle. All of Madison’s videos 90 of them for $300. She’s one of our sexiest and most talented breath holders. She pushes hard every time and even passes out on occasion. This also includes the contests she was in with April, Phyra and Bast.
You can see Madison on the New goddesses 1 and 2 web sites. If you need payment instructions send me a message. Returning bundle buyers can simply send payment the usual way.
In other news I haven’t been updating much lately because the girls were all sick and then I was sick with typical winter ailments.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Sexy vacuums with heart beat a. She does an amazing job on her second vacuum video. Deep concave abs and defined rib cage. Once confident she’s doing them right she starts posing seductively. Nice heart beat audio.
Sexy vacuums with heart beat b. Somehow she gets sexier with every shoot. She’s watching herself in this cam to make sure her ribs are sticking out the whole time. Part way through she takes off her top and unleashes the girls.
Feeling her pulse head to toe POV. You start feeling the pulse in her foot then behind her knee, pelvis, wrist, elbow, upper arm, abdomen, lower chest, upper chest and neck. Clear heart beat is recorded the whole time.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Phyra.
A breath hold challenge cam a. She takes a single breath with no prep and holds it for as long as she can while lying on the floor to set a base time. Then she tries the same thing while sitting up, on hands and knees and standing. Really strong effort with contractions that last forever.
A breath hold challenge cam b. I think she has contractions for more than half of each breath hold. She virtually collapses at the end of two of the holds. Heart beat is recorded.
Another trip to fizztown. She drinks some soda which you can hear whoosh into her stomach and then listens to her belly make all kinds of noises. She drinks more soda throughout the video and the noises keep getting better.

I was hoping to raise $2,000 to $3,000 with the raffle so I could hire a bunch of hot new models but only a few people entered and I didn’t make enough to hire even one model for one hour so the raffle is cancelled and all money has been returned to those few who entered.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Sexy breath hold posing and sensual movements a. She holds a single breath for as long as she can while posing and moving in a sensual way. She strips off her top and touches her perfect breasts.
Sexy breath hold posing and sensual movements b. The view from above. She’s looking extra hot today.
Soda makes her belly angry. She is getting some great noises with occasional quieter times so she drinks some soda. You can hear it rush down her throat and into her belly with a fizzy woosh followed by all kinds of belly noises.
Topless jumping jacks and visible heart beat while oiled. She bounces her sexy body up and down with jumping jacks and then quickly lies on the floor so we can hear the heart transition from fast to slow. She gets some nice heart magic while a very visible pulse pounds through her body.

Uploaded 1 new video to Divine Trilogy.
Breath holding with nothing on her face. She does some nice long breath holds with no nose plug so that her face looks normal. She gets some contractions on each attempt.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Phyra.
Visible pulse in chest sitting up breath holding a. She sits up and holds the deepest breath she can fit in her lungs when she runs low on oxygen she crams more air in her lungs. Visible pulse in chest with heart beat.
Visible pulse in chest sitting up breath holding b. I mentioned that she didn’t need to get contractions in this video but she does anyway and they last pretty long.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Fast ab pulse after jumping jacks. She does jumping jacks to get her heart racing nice and fast and then lies on the floor for a great visible pulse. You can see the pulse everywhere and she gets great heart reactions from the big transition.
Underwater in the bath tub. She tries posing underwater in the tub and finds it to be very difficult. She tries her best to look comfortable and get good breath hold times. Includes 2 camera views.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Iris.
Blood pressure experiments. She does a variety of things while her blood pressure is recorded starting with sitting on a chair and gradually working up to working out.
Runaway heart can’t slow down. She does cardio and then stops to record her heart beat and pulse rate. Her heart refuses to go below 140bpm after minutes of rest when it finally does it gets stuck again in the 130’s.