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Ciara neck pulse. Her nice strong neck pulse is recorded from multiple angles. You can see the pulse in multiple places at once and the rippling from the main artery is good. Fantastic hard ca-chunk heart beats.
Ciara Ultrasound of fast heart. The ultrasound probes her heart after exercising so you get to see her valves and chambers working over time. As her heart slows to a regular beat she gets some irregular beats, tempo changes and short pauses.
Bree jumping jack heart beat. She does a lot of jumping jacks to really get her heart racing and then stops to record the audio with the steth and her pulse with the machine. Nice hard and fast heart rate.

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Vacuum to full breath feeling a. You feel her gorgeous body as she exhales all air and sucks in her abs for as long as she can. When she can’t hold it any more she goes straight to a full breath hold. Perfect heart beat and great vacuums.
Vacuum to full breath feeling POV. You can feel all of her ab muscles as well as her rib bones and hip bones yet there is a layer of soft skin cushioning your touch. Her waist feels paper thin during vacuums. I get requests for this video every month.
Oiled ab pulse with back over pillow. Her abs are stretched out as she lies arched over the big pink pillow and wow do they look glorious.Nice visible pulse as well as rib expansion and breathing.

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Bree belly noises. She’s getting some great noises here from her very active belly.
Bree ab pulse slow and fast. The pulse in her abs ripples across all of her abs and looks great. Later the pulse is recorded after working out so her heart is really pounding.
Eva Breath holds back arched cam a. Her back is arched over the famous pink pillow as she does some super deep mega breaths and then holds it for as long as she can. This is a great video for fans of ribs and toned abs.
Eva Breath holds back arched cam b. Same great video but a totally different view. You can really see the rib expansion in this view and her under boob looks awesome.

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Breath contests #2 cam a. In this contest they 1st do a single breath hold with no deep breaths before starting. Then they do an exhale all air out hold. On the last attempt they do a push with lungs full of air. You hear Pixie’s heart beat.
Breath contests #2 cam b. These are very even contests with both of them praying the other is about to give up. Pixie gets nice heart reactions each time.
Visible pulse in abs. The pulse in her abs is easy to see from one end to the other. After a while the pulse is recorded after exercise when her heart is really pounding hard.

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Breath contests #2 cam c. With this camera you are hearing Iris’s heart beat the whole time. She doesn’t want to lose to her newbie friend so she pushes herself way harder than ever before with really long contractions during the exhale hold and the push.

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Feeling her pulses cam a. You feel the pulsations in her abdomen, apical, chest and neck while the steth records perfect heart beat. Listen as her heart changes tempo a few times for no reason.
Feeling her pulses POV cam b. This is the view from your eyes. Everything else is the same. Is it a coincidence that a ray of sunlight is falling across her apical pulse area? I don’t know haha.
Super squater in school girl outfit. She works those toned sexy legs just about every day with tennis and running so she was able to squat so many times we lost count. Amazingly she holds the steth so well that the heart audio is super clear the whole time. She definitely sets a squat record here.
Ultrasound during fun time. She brings herself to orgasm while the ultrasound captures great images of her heart chambers and valves. She teases herself a few times before the actual orgasm so her heart rate fluctuates as her arousal increases. Hard pounding and fast rate during orgasm.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Natasha.
Feeling her during breath holds a. You feel her sexy, toned body as she holds a breath for as long as she can. Your hand glides over her abs and ribs, pausing occasionally to take in the pulse. Perfect heart beat audio is recorded the whole time.
Feeling her during breath holds POV. This is the view from your eyes. You hand glides effortlessly over her perfect body because she is oiled up.
Listening to self with Littmann stethoscope. She listens to her own heart with a full Littmann stethoscope and experiments with breath play and exercise. Not only is the audio quality top notch, she is also very sexy in this video.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Pixie.
Breath hold contests with Iris. This is the same breath hold contest but from the 3rd camera angle above them and you are listening to Pixie’s heart this time. The 1st contest is slightly out of focus but the other two are sharp. Audible murmur heard on the last breath hold.
Iris listens to Pixie’s belly noises a. Iris lies next to Pixie and listens to her belly noises with a full Littmann stethoscope while the second steth records audio to the camera. The noises are pretty good but Iris’s boobs steal the show.
Iris listens to Pixie’s belly noises b. This cam is above and zoomed in on Pixies noise making belly.
ECG sampler with Iris. Pixie is joined by Iris in this ECG sampler. Pixie does the usual things while Iris listens to her heart with pretty purple stethoscope.

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Breath holds and heart irregularities a. She was very stressed out on this day and it certainly shows in her heart beat. She’s getting all kinds of irregularities such as multiple PVC’s, pauses and super hard recovery pounding.
Breath holds and heart irregularities b. Hearing her heart go nuts at the end of breath holds is unusual for her. After this video she was feeling sick and had to go home. She gets nice long contractions during the holds.
Ab pulse with red glass. Her ab pulse is recorded with two pieces of red glass placed over the pulsing area. Her entire abdomen is pulsing but the red glass makes it even better. Near the end the pulse is recorded after exercise.

Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Iris.
Breath hold contests with Pixie a. They are pretty evenly matched but Iris wins 2 out of 3 times. In the process she does some of her best breath holds ever, pushing herself harder than any time before. You only hear heart beat audio from Iris.
Breath hold contests with Pixie b. They swap places and steths after each contest so you get to hear Iris’s heart twice with the steth closest to the cam and once with the other. She really fights to win against her less experienced friend.
Expanded description. They were both a bit sick with lung and throat problems on this day. Pixie is confident she could win if she was feeling better.
Cardio workout contest with Pixie. They take turns doing the same amount of the same exercises. While one of them works out we listen to the others heart beat and see her pulse rate on the machine. Iris’s heart is waaaaay faster than Pixie’s.
Expanded description. After Iris’s heart has had time to rest and return to a slower pace it is still beating much faster than Pixie’s heart immediately after exercise. In case that wasn’t clear, Iris’s heart is faster at it’s slowest than Pixies is at it’s fastest.

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You control doppler during fun time a. You control the doppler on her chest as she brings herself near orgasm multiple times before finally allowing herself to have an intense orgasm. The repeated denials make her orgasm stronger.
You control doppler during fun time b. Same as cam a except for the angle. She’s really getting off on you being so close and watching her. So much so, she got some PVC’s. As with all her orgasms, they’re 100% real and this is definitely her best one so far.

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Bree visible pulse in chest. She holds a breath in and then packs in even more air when needed while the very visible pulse is recorded in the v shape of her ribs. Awesome rippling and movement as crystal clear heart audio fills your ears.
Bree ECG sampler. She rests on her back, sits up, stands up, exercises and does a standing breath hold while the ECG and steth record her heart. She gets some great audio here.

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Feeling her pulses a. You feel the pulse in her abs, neck and chest while her heart beat is recorded. She holds a breath in when you are feeling key areas. You can feel her heart thumping and rippling beneath your hand.
Feeling her pulses POV b. This is the view from your eyes as you feel the pulse in her sexy little body. Pristine audio captures her hearts reaction to your touch.
Blood pressure sampler. She stands and checks her own blood pressure at rest and then after some super deep squats. The machine works perfectly every time and her heart is sounding amazing. She looks amazing during these squats.

Today we welcome a new model who is a friend of Iris. She is getting the same awesome heart irregularities that Iris got when she started. Multiple PVC skips and arrhythmia. She’s also doing great at breath holds.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Pixie.
1st breath holds cam a. She does the 1st with no direction and gets great contractions. Things only get better from there and she makes over 3 minutes on her last attempt. She gets major, multiple PVC’s during every attempt and a few pauses.
1st breath holds cam b. As she starts to run out of air and convulse her heart starts up with the PVCs and pauses. It’s some incredible magic that happens when you expect or hope it will. She’s getting amazing contractions for a beginner.
Expanded description. Not only does she do great with her first breath holds but her heart sounds exceptionally clear out the gate. Pixie has one of those hearts that records very well and the new audio technology brings out all her sweet variations in tone and intensity. She got incredibly wide S2 splits during holds and contractions and multiple random PVC’s throughout the video. Irregular heart beat fans you don’t want to miss this one.
Iris listens to her heart. Iris listens with a full Littmann stethoscope at major auscultation sites. She asks pixie to hold a breath in or exhale and hold a few times.
Heart beat work out. She does a lower body workout so you can hear her heart pounding harder and faster. The audio is incredible during every second.

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Uploaded 3 new videos to Divine Isis.
Double steth heart tour. Each steth goes to a different ear or speaker. They are moved around to major auscultation sites and swap positions. She experiments with some breath play in each spot.
Doppler workout. She does a lower body workout to get that heart pumping loud n proud as she listens along with headphones. She experiments a bit with doppler angles and gets some great audio.
Hula hoop heart beat. On the first set her heart is recorded while she hows off her hula skills. On the next two her heart is only recorded during rest. Her heart is actually pounding pretty fast here like she did real exercise.

Uploaded 4 new videos to New Goddesses.
Ciara super deep breaths cam a. She takes the deepest breath she can and exhales all of the air over and over. Occasionally she holds a breath in and then keeps packing more air until she can’t fit any more in her lungs. Nice variation in heart audio from full inhale to exhale.
Ciara super deep breaths cam b. Really nice heart audio in this one and she looks great as her body expands and contracts with each mega breath.
Ciara cardio workout with heart beat. She does jumping jacks and slowly spins around giving a view of her toned body and amazing buns. The jumping jacks look very easy for her but her heart is pounding nice and fast when she stops to rest. Super clear hb audio with sweet blood ejection sounds.
Ciara sexy ab pulse. Her abs are perfect and she has an unusual breathing pattern that helps show off her ab pulse. Every few breaths she stops breathing on the exhale. Multiple angles capture the great pulsing through her abs.