July 2nd is my birthday. To celebrate I’m having the biggest sale ever on old videos. You can get any 50 videos of your choosing from our old closed sites or fetishgoddesses or new goddesses for $100. The average price for these videos would be $500 if you bought them the traditional way. Or to put it another way you are getting these videos for $2 each. The biggest discount ever. This sale ends on July 2nd. If you want 100 videos send $200. If you have any questions or would like a list of available sites to choose from, email me.
How to participate Send money to my paypal and a separate email describing which type of videos you would like to receive. For example (only bath tub videos in bikinis or only videos with ECG readings). If I have any questions I will email you back as many times as it takes to make sure you are getting the videos you want.

Lila will be here tomorrow (Sunday) shooting her first custom. If you have a paid custom for her there is still time to get it in. Rhiannon will be here on Monday and Riley will be here on Tuesday if you have customs for them.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Anance.
Neck pulse on both sides at once. We get a light on both sides of her neck and record it along with clear heart beat audio.
Hip pulse on both sides at once. Again we are able to capture the pulse on both sides of her hip at the same time with heart beat.
Doppler fun. We explore her heart valves with the doppler. Interesting variety of heart audio.
Ultrasound during orgasm #2. She brings herself to orgasm while the ultrasound shows her heart chambers and valves.

Rhiannon made a little video for her fans so you can see what she looks like. She’s coming in to shoot in a few days. She might not be able to do much in the way of breath holding because of her lingering cough but she’s going to try and she can film some of the other things. Nobody asked her to make this nice video. She did it on her own. Enjoy.

Watch a personal video from Rhiannon.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Lila.
Wow wow wow super breath holds #2 cam a. She kills it with these breath holds with a time over 4 minutes and oxygen levels down to low 50’s even though her heart is beating around 109 bpm at the slowest. Nice contractions and squirming.
Wow wow wow super breath holds #2 cam b. We went over more techniques before she started. She really wants to make everyone love her so she tries very hard. Squeezing the blanket, flexing legs and arms, watching her oxygen levels on the machine.
Super duper ab pulse. This is definitely one of our best ab pulse videos ever because there is so much to see. Her abs are incredible but they are also pulsing in so many different places. The pulse around her belly button is unique and very interesting.
First heart ultrasound. She rests while the ultrasound transducer probes her heart chambers and valves. We briefly try a few different modes like color and b+m.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Jadis.
Her boobies jiggle jiggle breath holds a. While holding her breath for as long as she can topless she shakes her perfect natural breasts in a variety of sexy ways. She stops ever 20 seconds to record her heart beat then continues. When contractions start she sits still.
Her boobies jiggle jiggle breath holds b. This is recorded in 60fps so movements stay sharp. She pushes the breath hold as long as she can at the end with the steth on her chest. Her legs come up as she squirms around.
Girlfriend lets you listen to her heart after exercise. Her best selling video ever is a video like this so we did it again. She exercises topless then steps up so you can place your steth where you desire.
Our best fast pulse ultrasound ever with heart hiccups. Wow I don’t know how the image is so clear even though her heart is pounding extremely fast and she’s breathing so hard. Usually lungs get in way. Shortly after lying down her heart stops then continues.

Uploaded 2 new videos to Divine Circe.
The super incredible abs show. That’s right this video is all about her incredibly toned abs. She shows them off with flexing, vacuums stretching and more. Half way through we oil her up and she continues the show. She gets the deepest vacuums she’s ever done here.
The super incredible abs show from above. Room audio and breathing sounds. Her abs get sucked up so far under her rib cage. It’s quite the site to see for vacuum fans but her abs look incredible during the rest of the video as well.

Update on past models coming back. Rhiannon was supposed to shoot about 2 weeks ago but she had a cough so we pushed it back 5 days because she was sure it would be gone by then. Instead it got much worse. She took a covid test and the results were negative. As of yesterday she said she’s feeling better each day but it will still be a few more days minimum before she’s ready to shoot. Riley is still too busy to find a day to shoot. Jadis will be in to shoot within a few days. Anance will be in to shoot this week.
On another note our newest model Lila has been researching these fetishes and she found out that some women are into it too. She thinks that’s hot “her words”. The fetishes are very interesting to her and she’s really looking forward to shooting more.

I’m happy to announce the opening of a new site. Divine-Lila.com
I’m happy because this new model is not only very fit with abs to die for she is also very eager to shoot these videos. She’s interested in all of it and has a good time shooting. I can tell already that she’s going to be one of the good ones who will have a lot of happy fans. If you like her look and want her to shoot a paid custom send it in. She will be shooting again this Sunday.
Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine-Lila.
Nice 1st breath holds with ab pulsations cam a. She does the first with no instructions and then improves greatly with each attempt after that. She makes it over 3 minutes on her first day with some contractions. Very strong pulse in her abs and between ribs.
Nice 1st breath holds with ab pulsations cam b. The view from above. She was amazed at her last time of over 3 minutes and knows that she has plenty of room to go even longer with more practice.
Really sweet hunger growls and belly noises. Wow her stomach is starving and going nuts in this video. It started growling during the first video and this was the last video of the day so she’s really hungry. She was going straight to get something to eat after this.
ECG sampler with a bit of PVC. She lies on her back for 2 minutes, sits up, stands up, does squats, and holds her breath standing. When she exhales her heart gets a few pvc’s before recovering. Should be really interesting to see what happens during an experiment video.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Circe.
Super duper breath holds cam a. Her only goal today is to set a new record breath hold for herself. She looks at the timer when she wants to stop and then keeps going. She gets really deep contractions and squirms around.
Super duper breath holds cam b. The view from above. She stretches out her ribs and diaphragm before starting. She fights really hard here and has some great heart audio. She’s getting close to 5 minutes.
Super sexy ab pulse oiled. She’s in incredible shape right now. The peak performance her body is capable of and those abs are toned. She stops breathing on the exhale to magnify the pulse. At the end she does one vacuum and pulse is still very visible.
Constant belly noises while resting. This was filmed a while ago. She’s getting constant grumbles from her upset belly.

I’ve had many fans ask me when Divine Riley is going to shoot again. She will be here shooting soon. It would be nice to have some paid customs for her to shoot while she’s here. She’s super busy so who knows when we will see her again after this next shoot. Send in your ideas.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Anance.
Fisting her belly custom a. You press your fist into her soft and warm belly in a variety of ways.
Fisting her belly custom b. Close view.
She listens to her active belly. She listens with the headphones as her hungry belly makes a variety of noises.
Deep throating with heart sounds. We record her heart beat as she deepthroats a dildo for as long as she can. Later she switches to a simulated blowjob.

You may have noticed a lack of posts lately. Circe is in the middle of moving to a new place but she will be in to shoot next week. Cleo moved to another state. She says it’s temporary but who knows. Valkyrie is in another country until the end of June.
So because of all of this I have been working hard on finding new models and I’ve been tracking down old models for a reunion of sorts. So far the only one I’ve heard back from is Rhiannon. She is going to come shoot some new content soon.
This is a great time to go through the sites and buy some of those videos you thought about and then forgot about. Or ask about a custom bundle from the closed sites. You can ask for very specific bundles such as only breath holds where they pinch their nose. Or only heart beat videos on the bike etc.

Uploaded 4 new videos to Divine Anance.
School girl orgasm with her favorite toy. She has a nice strong orgasm with her favorite vibe then goes for a second. She gets so close a few times but never manages to get her second orgasm.
School girl orgasm with her favorite toy close up. Perfect heart beat audio as her heart goes up and down from excitement.
Very interesting belly ultrasound. The ultrasound captures her digestive system moving food and liquids around. There isn’t much in the way of belly noises but the visuals are great.
Heart exam at the doctor. The doctor palpates, listens to lungs and heart while sitting up and then again while she’s reclined on the exam table. There is no audio from the steth just visuals here.